Learning KOREAN : an example as to why the dictionary is shit

so if you’ve been learning korean long enough you will encounter words in korea media that OBVIOUSLY are not in the damn dictionary. i can just tell it’s not kango  (han -uh in nkorean? the words made up of chinese charcters ) and most likely it’s not a regular word. it’s some sort of slang or made up word and it makes you wonder when did they came up with this word.

CASE IN POINT this snl clip with jun somi from 1:25 . i actually watched produce 101 but some episodes were fast-forwarded so much because ti’s f’in boring.  and i watched sixteen for a few eps and never finished. i may go back to it one of these days.

I figured i could learn some korean from somi’s snl skit so i asked for the translation since the video already has the transcription


낄끼빠빠 is korean version of KY = kuuki yomenai. i think it will most likely reign longer than KY. i don’t thikn anyone says KY anymore… people wll still say kkuuki yomenai.  for the korean version of KY… it just seems practical and convenient so it may have staying power. and to be quite frank i don’t want to learn slang/shortented-ersions of words/phrase only to have them go extinct on me

when i looked up the meaning of gggi-gi-ppapa-appaa- the japanese site was dated for 2015 ~~~ usualyl when i look up “newly made” korean words they’re much older lol…  so this is THE FRESHEST korean slang that i know lol. it’s not even slang… it’s just a convenience thing.

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