So I have been draggging with the reading of books in japanese because. I’ve been indulging in English books. However the other reason is I steered off the path of AJATT which encourages people to skip pages of the book. Yes I should give books a chance but sometimes  you don’t need to read that many pages to figure out you don’t loek it and thus start skipping to the end etc. the past few books have been on the shitty side unfortunately and for some reason I’m being way too nice and actually reading every sentence and page and only start skipping when its too late. Reading should be fun and automatic… Not all books are equal. Btw here’s are some amazing words you can use to describe your reading experience



Well at least I find them useful.

Anyways i I wanted to share a finding. I wrote my thoughts about my book on dokusho and thought shit I wrote shizen to… Shouldn’t it be shizen ni but then I thought maybe I’m doing this cause I heard it somewhere. Lo and behold both exist with different to nuances and I happened to choose the correct one!! I feel proud of myself and it really drives the point home that immersion and AJATT is amazing. It’s amazing the stuff I pick up without even trying. I would never notice or bother to put shizen ni in my deck


heres my kansou.. Btw I have not posted on Lang-8 in ages and I certainly don’t feel like usig it














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