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정인 – 오르막길

live version!

I love the monthly projects by yoo jong shin and this is one of my favorites from the projects. The song grew on me alot. I liked it but now I love it. I also love the progression of the song itself. It just builds and builds. I could see how some people may not like jung-in’s voice but her voice is up my alley. It has a unique characteristic. not sure how you describe it, i would say her and chara (japanese) have some voice characteristic that they have in common or they sing in a way that’s similar? I don’t know exactly.. I’m not a music major. But
Anyways because I like the song so much I looked up the lyrics and used the + sign like before~

이제부터 웃음기 사라질거야

가파른 이 길을 좀 봐
+ 가파르다

그래 오르기 전에 미소를 기억해두자
오랫동안 못 볼 지 몰라

완만했던 우리가 지나온 길엔
【예】완만한 언덕길 【訳】なだらかな坂道。

달콤한 사랑의 향기
이제 끈적이는 땀 거칠게 내쉬는 숨이
1.[자동사] ねばつく;べとつく;ねちねちする。
【예】땀으로 손이 끈적거리다. 【訳】 汗で手がべたつく。
2.[자동사] しつこくする;しつこくねだる。

+++ 거칠-거칠
[부사](表面が)かさかさ;がさがさ;ざらざら。〔작은말〕가칠가칠 〔센말〕꺼칠꺼칠
【예】피부가 거칠거칠해지다. 【訳】皮膚ががさがさになる。
우리 유일한 대화일지 몰라

한걸음 이제 한걸음일 뿐
아득한 저 끝은 보지마
평온했던 길처럼 계속 나를 바라봐줘
그러면 견디겠어

사랑해 이 길 함께 가는 그대
굳이 고된 나를 택한 그대여
가끔 바람이 불 때만 저 먼 풍경을 바라봐
올라온 만큼 아름다운 우리 길

기억해 혹시 우리 손 놓쳐도
절대 당황하고 헤매지 마요
더 이상 오를 곳 없는
그 곳은 넓지 않아서
우린 결국엔 만나 오른다면

한걸음 이제 한걸음일 뿐
아득한 저 끝은 보지마
평온했던 길처럼 계속 나를 바라봐줘
그러면 난 견디겠어

사랑해 이 길 함께 가는 그대여
굳이 고된 나를 택한 그대여
【예】관직을 굳이 사양하다. 【訳】 官職をかたくなに辞退する。
【예】굳이 말리다. 【訳】 かたくとめる。
2.[부사] 强いて;敢えて;無理に。

++ 고되다
가끔 바람이 불 때만 저 먼 풍경을 바라봐
올라온 만큼 아름다운 우리 길

기억해 혹시 우리 손 놓쳐도

절대 당황하고 헤매지 마요
더 이상 오를 곳 없는
그 곳은 넓지 않아서

우린 결국엔 만나 크게 소리 쳐
사랑해요 저 끝까지

It’s mostly easy to undersatnd vocab wise grmmar wise  (but interpreting is another thing… so the part about the breathing and sweating… who’s conversing? lol)  and even if i didn’t look up those words i would get the main point of the song but I like undersatnding everything!!! only part i can’t figure out from google translate and dictionary is 웃음기 . my guess which may or may not be correct is 기 is either 気 or 期. I think it’s 期. i just have to ask a korean person if i’m right but i don’t feel the need to go out of my way and aska korean preson. i ‘m sure it’ll click one day i’ll be like yeah it is definitely that or oh it was completely off. if i didn’t know kanji i would be fucked here lol. 기 has like a bilion entries in the dictionary, no?’

I listen to a lot of korean indie and i rlealy love the songs but i don’t bother to look up the lyrics (I like a lot of songsss). i just have so many things that i want to do in english, jpanese, and tsuff i don’t want to do that i have to do in life… so it’s soorta rare for meto look up lyrics lol.


finally found a video of yoshiatka yurukosinging

I don’t think she sounds like jang jane when she sings. lol. that’s unfortunate??

oh i gotta check out all the version1!1 like takeyama’s here.his singing voice is so diffffffffferent from his talking voice… omg even matsuda shota’s in it.

takeyama-san!!!!!!!!!! ogi-yahagi!!! 怒りオヤジ + ゴッドタン

this is a nice song 🙂

Korean indie revolution! Not really but….

I found out about this wonderful YT thing which is monthlymelody월간 윤종신 & 신치림
all i did was look up horan on YT to find it if i didn’t then…
and i only know about horan because she was part of “our night is prettier than my morning“. she’s part of clazziqui but i didn’t know her by name till that song.oh horan’s part of ibadi too.
I think the monthly melody project is interesting because 김그림 who apparently was discovered on the korean takebt show k3 something something. But anyways before I knew that about her I just thought she was just a boring kpop singer who sings ballads or something… her song to me is or to you is so boring. But when I heard her sing the cover song as part of this monthly song project… my impression of her completely changed. her voice was soooooooooooo soft… softer than velvet and god knows what else. I didn’t know she had such a nice voice because she was singing such a shitty shallow kpop ballad song.  It’s so weird what a difference a song makes. Even if the artist doesn’t compose music or writes the lyrics… they still have the ability to understand/digest WONDERFUL works done by the great music makers from the past (and then like perform it and sing it in such an amazing way…. in korean they have the word 편곡 which would mean like conveying/expressing the song but anyways… even if the artist sings shitty kpop songs.. it doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to understand great past works and be able to express that song in their singing.) ie… for like ALI she’s so good at understanding the songs and then perform it.. because obviously if you don’t understand the song you’re singing a cover of then obviously it’s gonna show. So anyways for her.. I found her album disappointing… it was just boring.. the one that got pulled after she had that whole mess with the girl who got raped in the 90s or something. Even though her performances on immortal song are amazing even though she didn’t write those songs or anything her performance is so gooooooood. in part, she’s paying tribute to her musical pioneers but at the same time her performance is just musically amazing.  I don’t know if she wrote the songs on her album but I would assume it’s sorta personal to her and all that since she’s choosing to sing x song and choosing to put it on the album yet… her performances on immortal song is just so much better. I do love her song rice plate? that song is catchy ❤
Another artist is K. will. So I can enjoy his song I NEED YOU or maybe it should be translated to I NEED YA to make it less formal… for what it is. that song reminds me of this arashi song that was used for hana yori dango because they both involve mad numbers. i don’t know why we have to do so much math while singing… that’s why i like the lyrics to pabo’s song koi no hexagon because they talk about math but in an interesting way… they don’t legit say numbres lol.  But anyways the song I need you is nothing special… it’s pretty typical song. He is good at singing as always. But compared to his stuff on immortal song it’s like nothing. I find it so interesting that they can sing these amazing pieces of music from the past whether they re-make it in some ways or whether it’s similar to the original… yet the stuff they actually sing for their careers is sorta lame.  It just lacks depth because it’s a kpop ballad song… what do you expect. I’m trying to picture an immortal song in 20 or 30 years from now… would the covers that are being kpop peple? kindie people? I really don’t know but……. i’m sure/hoping it wouldn’t be typical/boring kpop ballad/song etc.
as far as the monthly songs are concerned.. I REALLY LOVE most of them .I also LOVED ijung’s ting. I love his high notes or whatever those are.. the song is 8 minutes but i loved every minute of it!
and another reason why i wanted to name this post KINIDE revolution was LUCIA was ON IMMOTRALSONg. and she is totally korean indie. I don’t know if there’s been a kindie artist on immortal song 2 thus far.. as far as I know she’s like the first one?  I was so excited that she was on it. she did a good job. she didn’t win but that’s fine. I was happy that ali knew about her but she was saying she loved epitone project. hmm they’re okay to me. I like a couple of their songs but some or MOST of their stuff is just instrumental but it’s not amazing or anything.
Speaking of not writing or composing the music that you perform. Lately from watching immortal song I don’t feel as much detest from that practice… just because what I just mentioned with the kpop songs. vs. them singing a famous awesome old song. Also there’s music composers and music lyricists who aren’t good at singing but are really good at what they do.
It reminded me of this  re: video to  KIDS REACT TO KPOP. some snsd fan.. white guy in a pink shirt was like responding to it. he said oh the kids reacted as anyone would if they found out their favorite artists don’t write or compose of their OWN  music.