screenshots from  lincoln

リンカーン – 2011.10.25「持病でガッテン 大竹編」






Like I said before I don’t like this show! Or maybe I do. Like I like episodes that is this theme with the educational/health crap and i find the part where they mention how lincoln has made the health condition worse with their physically straining eps HILARIOUS. It was a good combination of information/education + entertainment since they are al lgeinin. ALSO I liked the nuigurumi episode because it was really cute and funny and just the idea of hamada looking cute is just.. .wow. 想像を超越してる Those are episodes I like but i’ve also seen eps that I cannot get into so i stopped.

The reason I ‘m posting this was because I read shana’s post I agree with everyone who commented with their sentiments and whatnot. like for the first question, it would be easy for people in some type of health-related major  since they studied and i could picture people having a hard time explaining  even in english… not to mention she’s nervous…. But I was thinking for me because her korean is my japanese since she’s been studying korean hardcore and i’ve been doing japaense. I’ve been thinking that like for the first question about the organ isn’t that bad… because if you watch honma dekka or eps of other shows that is about health conditions like this lincoln episode or even ザ!世界仰天ニュース then you’ve basically came across all the key words you need to deal with it. I have no problem understanding/following what they say because I know my kanji because I’ve watched many eps of talk/variety shows. What I was thinking though was even if I understand them explaining all this body science stuff, it’s a whole different thing with me outputting that… the whole passive/active thing so I’m not gonna say “oh i would’ve totally owned that test if I was in her position”. when i was watching this lincoln hearts episode, I was being extra attentive because it was after I read her post and the expert/senmonka on the episode also shows up on honma dekka – ホンマデッカ. I like watching honma dekka because I learn about stuff or i learn __ word in japanese but another thing I can take note of is how people explain things. So on japanese tv in general, they explain the crap out of things with the diagrams and pictures and shit… I like it personally because it makes easier to understand but some people may see it as childish like korean people who wrote about japan in this book that was published in korea.  So i’ve heard so much explaining done in japanese but I’m still not good at explaining in japanese… so i think you have to practice outputting or be extra attentive during your input or something? I just input… so unsurprisingly that doesn’t work.

SO what I got out of my extra observation is that even though she’s explaining scientific crap she uses simple/clear grammar/sentences with the necessary scientific terms mixed in so it’s easy to follow. (but for the most part the words don’t even feel scientific or difficult since it’s just made up of kanji and you get used to kanji. and usually it’s logical.. some are not always as clear just from the kanji 海馬… I think is hypothalamus from the way they used this word. nm rickaichan says it’s hippocampus. I don’t know what a hippocampus does? is it memorY? But for hte most part it’s probably easier in japanese since you get to see the kanji vs… in egnlish where you have latin/greek roots but you can’t really telllllll sorta like hanguell) but anyways )now that i think about it that’s the whole point of explaining regardless of language. So the thing is even though I know all the grammar stuff that’ s neeeded to  form the sentences since you don’t even need to use difficult anything I’m just not used to outputting so even though technically i should be able to, I can’t… I get stuck and whatnot as you tell by my lang-8 (or even if you can’t tell, that’s how I feel. I’m doing a lot of compromising lol). all the common/basic grammar is basically enough to explain it to a good amount of depth but for some reason i keep trying to use more difficult grammar or the sentence goes long and then i dont ‘know how to end it or continue etc etc lol on my lang-8.

So I looked through the 4 questions that shana was asked and i’ve heard probably all the necessary vocabulary that is required to explain them (and probably did actually hear an explanation about something that’s very similar to that question on one tv show or news show at one time or another or probably more like multiple times) but like i said i suck at outputting.  I would have no problem understanding…. But at the same time, I want to reserve myself to input because there’s so much i want to read/watch/hear so i don’t really have much of a motivation to improve thissss

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