Not that I’m going to memorize it but it’s interesting. I’ll read through it later. Maybe certain colors will stick but probably won’t on just one read.  I know memorizing won’t work and that I could put my time to better use than memorizing colors as far as Korean is concerned. Tis all

Acquiring Korean

I came across a new color while listening to our Korean couchsurfer talk to his friend in Korean. I described our building’s color as 녹색 but when he relayed the information to his friend he used the word 연두색. It was obviously some kind of green but it was the first time I’d heard it.

Googling the color came up with our shade of green shown in this picture.


Curious how many other colors in Korean I wasn’t aware of I found this 색 목록 or color catalogue of Korean colors on wikipedia. It doesn’t have all the colors but it does have quite a good collection. I’ll now put the ones I didn’t know or am shaky on into Anki. . . . 

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