Listen to Japanese Efficiently. AJATT

As far as drama/anime/anything with soft subtitles.

1) Sub2SRS

2) Join the mp3 files with:

3) truncate silence

Usually with this the end-product is at least half the length. It depends on the show obviously and how much you filter.  in the time it takes to listen to the whole episode once you can listen to it twice, maybe three times even, or maybe even 4 times.


I guess it works out best with drama because most of the time you download the raw andsubtitles separately@ d-addicts.  If you’re learning Japanese from drama like via’

it speeds up the process.


I’m just uploading it so i can delete it off the computer cause i don’t need them anymore. I tried to like filter the subs to take out lines that show up like really often like “i’m sorry” “thank you” since i did the sub2srs with english subs to grab just the audio.


Contains bakemonogatari episode 1 & 2  (15/16 minutes each)
Suzumiya Haruhi no yuutsu: Episode 21 to 24
JIN episodes 1-7
London Hearts – I think this ep is from 2010… it’s the one where they rank the geinin by their wives (YOME…dakaretai). there was memorable part where chihara junior said to inoue 美容師が途中で死んだ?
GONZO episode 4
Liar Game II episode 1-7
Samurai High school episode 02 04  3
MOP GIRL episode 6-9
Saito-san episode 10 (the last ep?)
Baptista team season 1 episode 01

edit: ADDED one for  korean drama secret garden

For sub2srs decks go herE:

PRO-TIP: I recommend listening to the condensed audio at faster speeds like 1.3 or 1.5x etc ! There’s definitely something to this. Listening to the condescend audio at speed slower than 1x is a waste of time in my opinion.

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