Learn Japanese from CODE GEASS.

ヌヌリー!Here are the links!!


KOREAN SUBS (for like sub2srs /watch with ep since transcripts aresubtitle files.. and/or do google translat eto japaense)

http://kitsunekko.net/subtitles/japanese/ – It has R2 episode 1-3 & episode 1 of Code Geass. So they should have all the lines since it is a script file probably ripped from the dvd files

The LINES/Transcription – stuff I found from searching random lines from an ep etc.  I guess I can’t guarantee every single line from the ep but I’m pretty sure it’s like 95% + at least and maybe somewhere towards 99% or even 100% if you combine/use all the links below.

anime transcripts’s code geass page – they piss me off b.c. they sep in multiple pages and i have to scroll SO MUCH. and the furigana pisses me off a lot. i don’t get the furigana. either it’s all on or none on that site. so annoying. In theory they should have all the lines like the exact subs and I think they do

Blogs written by Japanese people who wrote out lines from the episodes.

starts from 2006

japanese blog

another japanes eblog = episode 5 entry was written on2006年11月06日 .  << << I think this one is the best one, but I linked the other ones cause sometimes lines this person’s transcribe the other people on the other blogs too. This person doesn’t put tags on it and only categorizes by manga/anime so you’re just gonna have to the next page or the previous page to get to the episode. JUST SEARCH the word stage

The eps on crunchyroll – if your computer crashed and lost the files etc.

If you do have the eps and you are really obsessed with this show (and sometimes heraing it makes it easier to learn it or whatever) then you can do the efficient listening.  if you have just the avi then you can probably find subtitles even if they’re in spanish or whtaever.

FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE OMG I only know hirgana/basic greetings/basic but I loves CG & Lelouch so kawaiis / i want to watch anime without subs ASAP etc. 一言を言うとふざけんな

uh… what do you want me to say/do for you (like I will)… go check out tae kim’s guide to japanese grammar + AJATT maybe? this post is more for like people who are at the capability/level of learning from it if they just had the lines on their hands.  or at least somewhre near so after the frustration/confusion — you figure it out/it hits you in the head/etc.


コードギアスで使われている用語集「あ~な」行 – Words used in Code Geass with like explanations or inferences etc.
This goes from a to na & there’s another link on the page for the rest of the words that are after na.
And the news about the 2PM guy which I found from the site I linked on the side of the blog recently is pretty interesting.  and you know whta I didn’t even grasp the gravity of the situation because they translated what he said to Japanese. I thought it was what he said in Korean so I thought I wasn’t missing much but THEN I find it it’s from English. It’s not 韓国が気にいらない…. it was Korea is gay. AND SO I was shocked. I’m not a fan of him or his group or kpop. In fact I never heard of them  but i’m sure they’re popular and all that in korea… is it were now? I don’t care… all I know is you don’t post shit like that when you’re in korea to korea because koreans are CRAZY about PRIDE and their COUNTRY so… I guess he really doesn’t get korean culture like he said before.
To stray from KOREA (it’s more like a segueway since that 2pm guy is american which is obvious from his lack of understandinf of korean Culture)  I so LOVE CHELSEA LATELY sometimes… like the skit on rachel zoe project was spot-on. That’s what I think the rachel zoe project show is…. every episode

rachel zoe project!!

Chinese indie that reminds me of korean indie! lolz. But honestly I love this band judging from this song. I just can’t seem to download anything of theirs!! Like I found links but they don’t work. MF links on some chinese board. MF links worked!… mf is just glitchy sometimes…. (oh HOLD UP… the quality is like MAD LOW like one of them is 96 kbps!!! but there is this song called your coat that  i RELALY LIKE on that album with the 96 kbps omgs if anyone knows higher quality DL links, tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!) chinese people are awesome with the download links on those boards. It’s not the CHINESE LANGAGE THING but honestly a lot of these chinese artistshave  bad voices or just voices I find irritating but I did find a few I REALLY LIKE like Vitas LU & hers etc. I will continue on my conquest to find some good chinese indie or rock or folk or jazz etc. I am planning to learn mandarin… right now I’m just listening to it as much as possible till I can hear every syllable or something…. no… till I can differentitate cantonese and mandarin. like listen to something and know it is or it is NOT cantonese/mandarin cause I have no IDEA right now. ahhhh… there’s actually a song in Japanese (I think it’s part japanaese/chinese for that song ) on their album and it sounds… good. I wonder why they chose to do that….


mad funnnny.

NOTE: I wrote seg-way at first… WHY

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