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Vocabulary lists

Vocab lists seem so tempting because it seems so efficient sorta like premade like anki decks. Of premade decks I’ve only used the heisig one successfully which I had to modify heavily to suit my needs. It’s tempting to go math crazy and do the 20 words a day x 356 days in a year = 7120 words or some other variation but I’ve learned the hard way the futility in doing that with my experience of misusing anki while learning Japanese.

I’m just posting about this topic because I just happened to come across these blogs that are an amazing fit for me to generate the anki cards in MCD format. These bloggers are sharing what they looked up on their blogs and they’re Japanese people learning Korean so this material is quite alluring to me.


6000 intermediate

6000 advanced

So I had saved this huge ass list of the top 6,000 Korean words from a some wiki website into my evernote. i had no intention of memorizing the list. I know how it may seem appealing for some hardworking rote-memorizing people but not to me. It just makes more sense to learn these words as you encounter them since they ARE SO GODDAMN COMMON AND USEFUL. also you may think top 6,000 words are mad useful!! but trust me they most likely aren’t. you need to figure out what YOUR TOP 6,000 KOREAN WORDS ARE as in the top 6000 words that come up in the korean media you enjoy. Anyways I kept it to sorta gauge my growth in korean vocabulary. for example a lot of the words were ha? the(japanese ha) or like wuh? from 2 years ago are now i know this shit. I’ll go “wow this shit is mad useful or i’ve seen it.” or i’ll be hardpresed to find words i have never seen or heard of. never mind it was from 4 years ago! 2012! If you still suck after 4 years you should reevaluate your methods and your goals.

Speak of the devil, here’s my worst nightmare realized


In my case by the time i reached 3000 cards in anki ( i didn’t anki for the first 3 or 6 months because i do not want to waste my time learning super common/useful words… that’s just stupid) I was understanding talk variety shows anywhere from 80 to 100% (depending on the show and how much I look up.. ). it’s not about the number of cards…

BTW memorizing all the words in this 6000 word list will not enable you to watch korean dramas without subtitles ( just looking through this list and thinking of all the words that i know on this list and all the words i know that i encounter that are not on this list… by encounter I mean strictly talk/variety shows). it’s literally the tip of the iceberg (all the awesome kickass words are obviously not in this list… not to mention korea is obsessed with trends so it feels like they invent 100 news words and that of that 90% die the next year, rinse and repeat. I’m just guessing here because I don’t keep up with that since I don’t watch korean dramas or korean shows on a consistent basis. in fact I’m chasing after random eps of shows that aired a few years ago or a fewdays ago or a few months ago… even with japanese I’ve read over 120 books and recently I looked up a few words from this new book I’m reading and I’m like woah these are some cool words why didn’t I hear about them sooner. this shit is never ending but at the same time I love how there’s so many awesome words out there that i do not know about. this applies to english as well OF COURSE). there’s so much vocab to know for korean dramas (even more for the saguk dramas) since as everyone knows the characters talk so much and they always drag out the dialogue and the scenes. literally every single character in korean dramas are chatterboxes. it’s a lot of vocab. well that level is fluency… in other words watching korean dramas without subtitles. I do know people who are Korean and fluent in Korean who watch it and understand/catch everything so that is what fluency is… for comprehension in my opinion anyway. I don’t like Korean dramas anyway so this doesn’t bother me but sometimes I like gauging my Korean by watching some clip of a korean drama to see my lack of vocabulary or my full comprehension if lightening strikes. sometimes it happens.

However as much as I find anking with mcd format to be effective for learning Korean at my Korean level (vocab, grammar, hours spent on Korean, etc) I can’t bring myself to use the material on these blogs to generate anki cards. It is intriguing to sorta gauge my level or rather see how much I don’t know from scrolling through these blogs.

I’ve been mostly getting words and whatnot for my anki deck from Korean that come out of people’s mouths on Korean TV and sometimes words on the screen that aren’t said ( I usually only do this if I feel really tempted because the word seems super easy to remember if it has no bacchim or I feel that I can associate something with the sound with the bacchim whether or not it is of sino-korean origin to remember the meaning). Partly that’s due to lack of motivation because I do not want to learn useless Korean. Maybe if you’re obsessed and driven to become fluent in Korean ASAP then maybe you have the urge to look up anything and everything but looking at it in the overall scheme of things that’s not an efficient way to go on about that.

The fact that I got something from a Korean show from a Korean person’s mouth imparts that word or grammar etc so much more value versus some word list with words that people think are useful based on their experiences with the English counterpart of those words or whatever variation of this. People just express things differently on a fundamental level depending on the language.

So anyways, some of the blogs that I linked did mine real Korean from a Korean article etc etc which imparts value on the list they share. However though it raises the value of the list in my eyes I personally didn’t read that article so I have no personal connection to any of those words and therefore no conviction that those words are useful. I won’t believe it unless I actually see it being used. But also I won’t force myself to read an article just so I can easily generate anki cards. I’ll only read the article if it interests me.

This site http://uprive1.rssing.com/chan-2640801/all_p15.html reminds me of textbooks. I am tempted for a second to learn from it but then the next second I realize there’s way too much awesome kickass tv show episodes of korean talk/variety shows to be watched. When it comes down to it, no matter what textbook it is, textbooks will never be more fun then native media. The whole point of textbooks is so you can stop using it and learn from Native material ASAP. If you think textbooks are fun you’ll probably faint from the shock of how much more interesting native material is. I see no problem using textbooks in the beginning stages but some people are like hey you got recs for intermediate/advanced? I’m thinking to myself do you want to learn korean for the sake of learning korean? how embarrassing.

If I had to choose between anking too much and anking too little I would choose anking too little. I think anking too much is worse because it’s proof that you are wasting your time that could be spent living your life doing things you enjoy whether it’s language learning related or not. To put a new perspective on it, I imagine what I would be doing if I were fluent in Korean and/or raised in Korea. The answer is not me reading from a textbook to improve my Korean. The answer would be I would be watching the exact same shows I’m watching now except I wouldn’t be looking up anything because I already know all those words and their nuances and their multiple meanings and the literal / figurative meanings of all the Korean because I’m fluent in Korean. I’d probably be multitasking like washing dishes while listening to it etc etc because it’s so effortless. I’m watching the show because I enjoy it. I don’t try to force myself to like a show or pretend that I like it or pretend that I like it or enjoy it more than I do just so I can find something to do in Korean…. I’m sure some people try AJATT and kinda think they’re doing it but they’re really not if they have to lie to themselves that they enjoy doing something or enjoy it more than they actually do.

When it comes down to it the number of anki cards I have or the percentage of mature cards is not an accurate measure of my Korean abilities. Ultimately it comes down to the amount of time I spent doing STUFF IN Korean while actively trying to figure out what I don’t understand or don’t know. Anki helps so much with making time I spent with Korean to be that much more fruitful and efficient with acquiring Korean vocab /grammar. I don’t have time to be watching Korean TV all day because I work full-time and I have other stuff I want to do that may not be in Korean. Why should I miss out on amazing stuff like Breaking Bad? Or God Tongue? Though I’m not able to spend a lot of time on Korean on a consistent basis (daily is ideal right?) due to time restraints and my volition that wants to do other things anki allows me to maximize whatever time I spent with the Korean show etc. I’ve never felt like I’ve moved backwards in Korean or even stagnant to be honest. The reason is that sometimes even if you don’t do something in Korean for let’s say 3 months, you still have Korean running through your brain that’s being digested. It’s some kind of delayed processing. I do still do anki on a daily basis or sometimes less frequently. It’s so strange how I feel like my Korean improved in certain ways despite cutting contact for x weeks or months. I’ve experienced this with Japanese as well in the past due to unfortunate circumstances. It was invigorating to hear other language learners talk about this EXPERIENCE on an episode on language mastery podcast. http://l2mastery.com/show/

you know I think the only possible way for my Korean to be stagnant or go backwards is if all I did was textbooks or cramming wordlists. I think to realize my efforts are for nil would be so devastating and disheartening AFTER x weeks or months despite torturing myself for x hours. One of the many reasons why I learned Korean after Japanese was that I did not want to waste my time with learning Korean. I equate stagnation and going backwards as wasting time. Learning in this order (with the foundation/scaffolding that is hanja and Japanese grammar) and using anki has ensured that I never feel like I’m going backwards with Korean. It’s just impossible. I never understood how people could motivate themselves to learn a language using methods that could possibly lead to stagnation or going backwards if they slacked or not get in contact with the language for x weeks or months.

Korean stuffs!

So I wanted to write about what i’ve been listenin’ to lately. I haven’t gotten new music in the longest time… and I think it’s because the “sites” I visited for korean music/japaense music espeically korean music are like gone lol. they were blogs or something. but i’ll definitely chase after new albums by artists i love if i  hear about it somehow… no i probably have to put effort in and search… why isn’t last .fm better and actually tell me when new albums come out :9

omg  I just chekced searching people in amazon and holy shit why the hell do they release so fast!!! LIKE THIS TOKYO JIHEN ALBUM OMG (i thought it would be 2012… i thought it’d be a while.. i AND MAKINO YUI FINALLY released a new album (i’ve been waiting for it but there was no info at the site last i checked and now it’s already out….).. yes… i have to amazon.co.jp search more. LATERS

anyways what i’ve been listening to is 신성원의 문화 읽기 and french podcasts cause I just feel irritated listening to people’s vapid/never-ending/empty conversations in english NOT saying that the conversation bad because it’s in english… it’s just bad. let’s just say i’m around loud people…. it really is bad and it’s literally like I’m pretty sure the person is causing hearing damage tothe person next to them when they start talking even louder when they start arguing over something that really doesn’t need to be aruged out whatsoever.  what i’m saying is i turn those podcasts on to block out the vapid conversations in english not 100% but at least 75% because like I said THEIR VOICES ARE DAMN LOUD… and the conversation is NEVER ENDING and it really makes me wonder why haven’t their vocal cards given out yet. lol. I’m so mean 😦

so for that korean podcast just google it and then click on it and then click downlaod and download in itunes. I like the part where they talk and not play tape or whatever of the book reading… it’s too overdramatic lol. I like it because they are talking about books so they’re obviousyl going to use a range of vocab since they’re going to talk about a diff book each time. i’ve tried other korean podcasts but man they PISS ME OFF …. you know thet hing in podcasts where they just laugh half thetime and not to mention the laughter is 2x louder than the talking or the laughing makes it hard to hear the tlaking… the laughing just sounds annoying and it’s even worse when they are laughing over something that is not even that funny. 😦 THAT IS WHY I’m recommending this one. but the other reason is the intro/ending music/advertisement is REALLY REALLY FRIKIN LONG AND ANNOYING for the other podcasts… this one only has a few seconds of beginning background music and now ending music AND NO DAMN ADVERTISEMENTS FOR CRAP I CANNOT EVEN GET.

not to mention i have so many greivances regarding japanese podcasts not to mention that language ( i  posted a couple things abt in my tumblr which i’m sure any sane person will agree with especially if they know english fluently and is learning japaense or is japanese even ). but I’ll just talk about the grievances regarding japaense podcasts. I haven’t listened to a lot of them.. or i did at one point but most of the time they just say eetto or ARE (the japaense word) or yabai/yabe or maji yabai or soudesune (omg kill me now lol i hate this phrase cause it doesn’ tmean ANYTHING!)  OR わあ~~~~って感じ or ~kunai ( this is also one of the reasons i think korean is harder besides the grammar  to be straight up honest)。they just don’t say anything… they are saying something but it really is just filler phrase and you just notice this lack of vocabulary. i’m not saying all of them are but some of them so ridiculous empty in this sense and it makes me feel irritated because it’s like oh i want to listen to this podcast because they’re japanese and i want to learn jaapanese yet i can’t help but think they have  a really small vocabulary. and i go why… if you only know japanese why can’t you use more words….

IMMORTAL SONG ; The easiest way to describe it is… it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN AMERICAN IDOL.I’ve seen seasons 1-4 or something like that which is a wast eof time lol and i learned quickly that you just need the last 5 minutes to know how the perofmranes went (more like how boring they were ) and who got sent home.  but you know I got to say season 1 was good since kelly clarkson is talented like her performance of natural woman is nothing short of amazing. I don’ tknow what season that show is anymore but i don’t care and i just find it insanely boring esp…. considering the superiority of immortal song. but i’m sure amierncai idol will never ever hvae as many seasons as america’s nex ttop model isn’t it season15? what the hell. I stopped at sesaon 4? that girl nicoel… annoying bitch winning was RIGGEd.

here’s the thing… so americna idol has great singers/amazing singers butjust because they can sing well doesn’t mean they’re interesting… it doesn’ t mean they’re performers… it doesn’t mean anything. if you can sing well that’s great but taht’s not enough to keep my interest (I do not give a shit. for some people … the people who still who watch the show… that’s still enough i guess… that plus the sob story but NOT FOR ME. if i don’t feel it, i don’t feel it). so on immortal song they have the korean idols who… never get to show their singing talents since they have to sing boring annoying kkpop songs with voice effects and… bad lyrics or whatever. BUT BUT i’ve heard that they worked their butts off practicing dancing and singing and all that for years and years before debuting. so the k-pop idol can sing ,dance, have charisma, stage performance while in american idol they have a sob story and a good voice (which is boring as hell)… now a days some of them play an insturment too but who cares it’s still BORING> but really it’s just so UNFAIR with the korean idols since they worked so hard yet they have to sing those vapid, shallow kpop songs. I really think it’s a great opportunity to show how much they worked all these years. like if i never saw this show I would think hyorin is just another annoying girl group member because let’s face it sistar’s songs are annoying (the girl group she belongs in )… atleast SNSD or SJJD is like catchy but sistar is like noise. but seriously it’s like ramerican idol puts on amateurs  basically on TV while in immortal song they put people on who are performers and can sing and they know we’re going to be bored if it’s not good enough while in americna idol they don’t even consider the possibility that watching someone sing can be boring… well simon tells the truth but everyone else just does not even… consider that. you know it’s like watching a 5 yr sing and perform and it’s just boring and what’s the point. you can cheer them on and watch for their sakes… their selfesteem or wahtever but obivously you’re not entertained by that… not for long that is.

I love this show for the performances NOT For any of the talk part. as for the talk If it’s the part where the original singer tells the performer what he/she thinks… that’s fine, that’s interesting, i care… everything else i don’t care.

some of the performances are bad and lame…(the girl from secret is ALWAYS BAD.. she soudns/looks so soulless one time she sang this song called friends something and she said oh i never had friends while i was in high school because of blahblah and i saw her performance and i’m like yeah i could tell… cause her performance was sucky)  but sometimes they’re amazing. They have what… 6 people perofrm and there are times when all of them are good and sometimes it’s only 2… I usually do not agree with the 200 judge audience… they are WAY TOO EASILY influenced by ORDER of performance. the last person or the second last to person wins usually right?

first time I saw it,,,, came across on youtube I was like not impressed cause none of the performances for that particular episode was that particularly striking but then i subscribed and saw the performances on the next episode and there was one amazing performance. which was…. 그때그사람 효린

another one  I liked was  killer

norazo – this shit is amazing. korean steven tyler! first time I saw it I diddn’ get it cause it’s not mainstream type singing but then i saw it again and then I finally understood the amazingness of the performance.

aNOTHER high quality performance that… quality that you will NEVE EVER SEE ON  x-factor or american idol… 알리(Ali) – Red Dragonfly (by Cho Yong-Pil)

I love her voice…. and it makes me go I love immortal song. (the singing parts,not the talking parts… unless they talk about the performance etc etc)

There are more obviously but you know I dont’ want to link to crap that’s going to be potentially gone anyway (thanks YT( so

and i keep watching and i love some of the perofrmance and finding about songs I would’ve never known about or i liked the way they re-did it.  on american idol you just someone sing (a song that i’ve heard a billion times) and it’s so boring and here it’s so much better… they don’t drag out the end results… they keep the format simple and it’s so nice. I guess in americna idol they have to do another episode just for the results just becase the show is called AMERICAN IDOL but it really is annoying.  I just love it and it’s  just better than american idol in EVERY SINGLE WAY. I know they did past seasons too but I want to see those and know where to get ’em but not sure if they’re as  gooooood. but i’m curious.

oh and like i said before i don’t care about kpop so i have no preconception about any of these people except i’m just going to assume they sing a kpop song i probably cannot make myself care about but here they may possibly sing a song I might loveeee…