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忘れ去っておくなんし。 くいぎみ

yay I love typing like a jorou lol. 女郎
I wanted to write about one japanese word I came across on a japanese tv show that I like and another i like that i came across from somewhere that i do not recall. i was thinking maybe the second word was something I came up myself and that looked it up and i was like yes it exists! OR i heard it before and somewhere in my subconscious remembered that and that’s why i ended up doing that so technically i didn’t come up with it and then checked whether it existed/is used .

first word is
くいぎみ which means you’re cutting someone off.
ex) person a is asking person b a question and person b answers person a’s question before they finish the whole sentence to ask the question. that is exactly what had happened on that show and then somebody commented (comento ga) kuigimi kuigimi. I actually came across this word in a book before and I looked it up and I understood it and i put it in my deck but it never really stuck with me to the point i would use it. but because of this additional instance that I came across I feel more inclined to use it so i don’t feel as distant and foreign to this word as before where i’m only comfortable with passive understanding. the thing with the instance of kuigimi  in the book is that it’s not as easy to infer the meaning from the setence… all it says is like 食い気味に言った。

I remember hearing the number 200 to really “know” a word but for this one it really helps just having another instance after the first one. actually i realized this my 3rd instance and NOT my second instance because I notcied i have 2 cards in my deck with the word kuigimi (each card is from a different instance).

it was some show with that real hot but super negative model with that cool name.  kurihara rui. louis? SO THIS is my 3rd instance

my second instance was a kaeuta episode and oriental radio/rajio was singing their song and one of the lyrics was

so because I didn’t get what it meant i didn’t get the full joke/funniness. so once i looked it up i got it and then i thought oh that’s so depressing 😦

I also love this verb わすれさる
wasureru is just wasureru but I like the nuance with wasuresaru… wasuresaru is what you’d use if you REALLY REALLY WWANT TO FORGET SOMETHING with the 去 kanji and all. 忘れ去る. forgetting something completely. forgetting stuff is pretty desirable sometimes… like completely forget….