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So I have interest in mandarin in like learning it. I tried to learn grammar and stuff from some site I forgot. it was called RED or green or something. I learned shi /bushi stuff like that but for the most part I couldn’t learn much since I couldn’t hear it at all.

so for quite some time I’ve been putting effort to listen to Mandarin while not learning any grammar or anything… just so I can actually hear it. Listening is very important. And I think my listening has improved! 😀

So the first time I saw this I was like cool, whatevs. Now I see that the chinese guy does not speak mandarin very well at least not as good as the actress. I can tell this much lol. Not sure if I can tell difference between cantonese and mandarin yet. I guess not since all i’ve been doing is only listen to it, thus i don’t understand… but i will keep listening i do plan to learn some grammar and whatnot in the future and it’s only possible if I can’t hear it (plus it’s frustrating)