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Improving my english vocabulary!

OH I VE BEEN DYING TO MENTION THIS LITTLE FACTOID. one of my motivations for the original post is the KARDASHIANS. I find them very dumb and i totally agree with kathy griffin with the kardashian voice. at first I didn’t understand why she was saying that but now I totally agree with her. they’re in their 30s but it’s not like they got taht much smarter over th eyears. yeah it is up to the individual what they want to do with their time but anyways i just saw them as the opposite of role model. by that i mean opposite of what i want to be lol. For some reason chelsea handler let them host chelsesa lately. I have no idea why… so they’re very very boring…. pedestrian… banal… base. for example khloe kardashian (I had to google to figure out her name) resorts to profanity and sexual stuff because she’s really boring and dumb…. that’s all she does. she’s extremely empty and boring. that’s what she did on chelsea’s show and of all the guests they could’ve interviewed they interviewed RUSSEL BRAND. In some ways I’m really glad it was him. So of course he’s known for his accent and his huge vocabulary that he clearly uses because that’s how he talks not because he’s trying to show-off or anything.  Of course he uses a word that they don’t understand and of course they admit that they don’t. At that moment I thought I don’t want to be 30 and still not understand russell brand lol… or not have improvement in my vocabulary in a more general sense.  I remember when chelsea was intereviewing him he also dropped some big word and chelsea seemed like she understood him (she didn’t look confused etc etc) while I was like how do you spell that ? I was watching hello korean citizens tv show and one of the guests was a girl who had an issue of the boyfriend forcing her to exercise like 5 hours a day? one of the boyfriend’s excuses to rationalize his behavior was that he likes games as in real life games ie bowling… therefore he likes leveling up and improving etc. In that way I’m not opposed to games because it is a good thing because you’re exercising and the game aspect is motviating. what i fucking hate is the game where you just click clickclick all fucking day and all fucking night and just get fatter and fatter and increasing your risk of diabetes, heart attaack, etc etc .


Okay so I wrote a post with the exact same title about 4 months ago… and surprisingly I’m still watching Mad Men lol I’m on episode 12!! yay!! it’s life… you get busy, side-tracked,etc.  The show always shocks me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what I did not cover in the previous post was the method for learning/retaining the vocabulary that I come across. I was thinking…. no one in their right mind would want to SRS their native language for obvious reasons ie NATURAL srs. I personally have no desire to srs my native language english. A big reason is the fact that i will most likely only see the words that  i learned from the mad men blogs only in my srs. I know what words are common and what words are not. there’s a reason I do not know x word. It’s because it’s never used. Or maybe the better way to word it is that I never venture into whatever media that does use difficult words like that. At this point the words that I find in the mad men blogs are just limited to those blogs. it would be difficult for me to try to learn/memorize the vocab via anki etc etc  that i only come across once or a couple times. so I was thinking doing the srs just doesn’t make sense because i don’t come across those words that frequently. by all means they seem useful or fun but i just don’t see it used that much. I would love to learn the

vocab and be able to incorporate into my vocabulary FOR THE SAKE of improving my ability to describe /say whatever i want to describe rather than try to seem smart or brag. the latter is just not enough motivation for me.  SO I came to the conclusion that if i want to improve my english vocabulary i gotta change my lifestyle as far as reading more books in my daily/weekly whatever life so that i do see the words I looked up etc etc. It’s natural srs… like I said just srsing just makes no sense.  WHAT AFFIRMS THIS is my korean deck. it’s so bad. I see the word, read the definition, forget both, do the next card, have the same thing happen lol. of course certain words are more impressionable or had some specific circumstances surrounding my looking it up so i do get something out of srsing it. but some words just go through me a lot. i know it’s because of my lack of korean immersion/korean reading. but like i said i hate reading korean becuaes of no hanja. i really don’t know if they’ll ever bring back hanja or how long it’ll be till then. but i’m patient like that lol.

So i’m not sure if i mentioend in the previous post but I save the sentences in a nice text file that i addddddd scrupulously. i wonder how long it will grow. they’re split up into 2 different text files ACTUALLY beuase one of them is the text file that holds the sentences i saved directly from firefox via AWESOME add-on tool.

the problem is i only have so much time and i’m so exhausted all the time… it’s gotten to the point i’m just compromising anything and everything. it’s so depressing because I could be so much better at x y z and i just physically cannnnnnot do it. i’m not at the 100%. i used to be せかっち you know with the ajatt and whatnot but now i can’t even do because i’m exhausted and honeslty being sekacchi just really bad for your health lol.

THIS IS BETTER BUT COME ON THIS SHIT IS SMALLLLL, does everybody have 60 inch tvs in korea???  to completely offned whoever i must say it makes more sense that the letters on korean tv is bigger or just as big as the text on japanese tv for the sheer fact that hanja is not kanji so it’s not as recognizable. with kanji there’s this instantaneous meaning transfer while for hanguel you gotta read it but korean people are use to it so they read it rather fast and almost effortlessly but MOST definitely not to the extent of hanja/kanji. kanji is iconic that’s why i think it makes more sense for hanguru to be bigger than the hanja. so that’s why i’m more pissed off at the small text. also,  sometimes i can’t access HQ video or hd quality video but when i’ll tyr to learn korean from it i’m completely fuckedbecuase the text is so goddamn small and it’s either unreadable or really ambigous looking. AND SOMETIMES when they use a font that is bigger than the usualy font but not as big as the japanese tv font they USE THIS SHITTY SHITTASTIC FONT THAT IS BORDERLINE UNREADABLE AND AMBIGUOUS and damn messy WHICH PISSES ME OFF . ㅇㅁㅂ ㅅㅈㅌ차ㅓㅐㄴㅋ etc etc ALL LOOK FUCKIN SAME. it’s goddamn annoying for korean learners and no i dont want to memorize that font like fuckin symbols. it irritates to me no end because that is ugly and IT SUCKS and it has no practicality to be at all.  koreans who are fluent don’t mind because they’re already fluent in korean it doesn’t matter that the font is sloppy and looks ambiguous they know all the words and can reason/inference the possibilities and the intended word INSTANTEONUSLY/EFFORTLESSly. hello THEY DONT’ EVEN know HANJA. why the hell wouldn’t they be good at that.  it’s like they want to piss me off. it’s obvious why it would piss off a okrean learner because it makes looking up words that much more tumultuous and cumbersome.  maybe it’ll even cause me to give up/lose interest.  oh and for japanese tv somtetimes i love the fonts they use and love the decorations they do with the triple borders and shadows and the effects. it’s just classy and perfect. there’s no overdoing it like chinese shows. those can suck it.

I WAS ALSO pondering about people who only speak english that suck balls at english? not balls but not better than me even though i spent literally 4/5 of my time on japanese the 0.5/5 on korean and 0.5/5 in englihs in any given free time for the past few years? You’d think that if the person only consumed english media or only used english they’d naturally be better than me since my time has been split like crazy between 3 or 2 languages. like the other day I was watching HANSEIKEi with ariyoshi, xx unni x leehyori + spica, and chelsea lately on youtube and just switch from one to the other to the other because youku doesn’t load lol. I was thinking how this is so normal for me lol while I’m sure any american would say omgs you’re so smart (don’t worry you don’t have to be smart. I know somebody who is very bilingual but not very smart). of these programs i have to taken screenshots while watching lee hyori because I gotta look up words. most of the time even if i don’t look it up, it doesn’t really affect my overall understanding of the show but you know… i wanna make the most out of my time.

ANd a link to a related pondering i had about the relationship between ability to expression yourself effectively/efficiently to one’s content or skillfully and the amount of talking you do on a daily basis

and if you are not friends me you cannot read it. and no i do accept friend requests anyone.

and my suspicions are correct… you don’t need to do a big study to think of this possibility becuase you can’t make SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING.


I was just thinking how oyu could be in a bubble and not improve your english grammar/vocabulary naturally from encountering it in your daily if let’s say you limit yourself to dumb media (some is okay no? entertainment is entertainment) or don’t challenge yourself or play games all day etc etc.


i have a friend and she’s sorta lazy with talking??????????? she keeps using the word thing. sometimes the usage is just plain lazy and just unnatural. instead of describing whatever she’ll give up in the middle and say “thing” or say the adjective+thing (which sounds weird). I’m just like hmm… so you’re telling me that  even though i’ve been “ignoring” ( that’s what it feels like plus my japanese is damn good) english for the past 3 years or so but your english is around my level?  I just thought of how you  could be so lazy that even though you’re solely focusing on one language you don’t really improve.. I was seriously sorat nervous that my english be all f’ed up when it comes out since i’ve been just japanes/ekorean all the time…. and that since she’s all english that she would talk a lot better than me and talk circles around me /bigger vocabulary than me. I’ll admit my command of english is not as strong as before (Like I’ll forget words or it’ll take me anywhere from 5 seconds to 50 seconds to remember a word or phrase whatever. Like when I write my entry, it happens and what i do is, i try to remember it or use jisho — sometimes  when i see the jisho entry i’m like NO GODDAMNIT there’s a better word than that but i can’t remember the word lol.. I have a feeling that I’m not using colorful expressions/phrases that i would potentially use if i didn’t know japanese?? lol). in fact i’m not even sure how strong my command of english was before I started learning japanse. i’m starting to believe that it was never that good anyway lol.  I’m very introvert. I don’t talk. So it makes that i don’t really express myself well. BUT what i’m thinking is that since i  only knew english

I didn’t read that many books in high school and middle school. maybe a fair amount? after a certain point i was like i hate x authors. it was just annoying because a lot of authors are not compatible with me.  of course it’s like that for everyone. I would attempt to read something with lots of awards and of course it’s completely unreadable to me. I’d hate it when authors describe stuff. it was just really BORING and i did not connect with it whatsoever. there was no resonation. What you’re supposed to do is find the author/books that are compatible with you and whatnot. but I was just lazy and did not do that. so now i’m torn between reading english/japanese literature. i only have so much time etc etc.

So lately i’ve been thinking by trying to be conscious of or rather eliminate the usage of the following words may be the perfect catalyst for improving the expanse of my vocabulary in expression.

I thought of



THING (yeah my friend is a bad influence lol)


you know
know what i’m sayin’

but I keep forgetting lol.

P.S.i notice that the “billingual” kpop idols ie tiffany from snsd tend to use the word “like” and “actually” “so” a lot. i know it’s because their korean is better and they’re really busy and tired and they use korean on a daily basis and their english stopped growing at whatever age.  but seriously the girl used actually every 5 seconds in this one interview lol… she was young though. it’s so interesting how the person does not notice. but then again those are popular words that can be abused by any english speaker who’s not very bright or maybe it’s just very conversational/lazy/popular english words. I personally hate it when people ABUSE THE WORD “basically”. I just think you know what saying basically ONCE is oka… any more is just treating the audience LIKE AN IDIOT! lol.


I was surprised I didn’t post this on my wordpress. i’ve only posted on my lang-8. to set the right tone for the idiocy that I encountered here’s a HILARIOUS clip that makes you go WTF AND LOL.

before I got this bullshit on my tumblr

I asked hangukdrama since it’s even relevant to her and she’s from singapore and sorta indreictly since she loves her korean.

Then I got the same bullshit recently.

It’s not even just a korea/japan could do this with pretty any country + japan etc etc.  basically this person has no clear assertion at all (if i were to ask questions like well what about the  half-korean/half-ajpanese people, what about all the korean people learning japanese, all the japanese people learning korean, the korean people marrying japanese people, the korean/japanese halves who only speak japanes, the kpop people making money in japan, THE FACT THAT KOREAN PEOPLE WOULD RATHER READ JAPANESE NOVELS THAN KOREAN NOVELS (it’s in the numbers), the polyglots on this planet… so you’re saying i should pick  one or the other? or i should pick korean over japan since japan did horrible stuff to korea? I should ban japanese from my life even though i love japanse tv? this person has no answers to any of this because they have no clear stance on ths issue at all.. the previous person who asked the bs question seemed to want to tell me what i should do or what i can’t do… then i said so you’re telling me to do this? then they’re like no i don’t care what you do. my repsonse was “if that is the case you wouldn’t have sent the inital message”). they just want to point something out and feel smart? it’s not even something to point out… everybody already knows.

I’m just curious on everyone’s thoughts on this… I guess anyone who is interested in korean and Japanese and are especially is a descent of either countries … or even if you’re not a descent of either country your country probably got screwed over by japan at some point. they seemed to have a hurt lot countries in history. Do you separate the history/love of the modern culture/media?  Does it make sense that i should stop watching/reading japanese/listening to japanese and dedicate myself to becoming fluent in korean just becuase i’m genetically-obligated even though i genuinely enjoy japanese media a lot and like i said before korean tv pisses me off a lot. when it comes down to it these people are telling how to spend my time since I love watching jaapesne tv, i like my japanese music, i like reading japanese books /internet/etc.  I can’t eat sushi anymore ? lol. this person assertion is NOT FORMED.

How do you digest the information?

their logic is japan did bad stuff to korea in the past so koreans hate japanese (this is a generalization)  so at this present time people should be aware of the history and follow up on the feelings of hate by avoiding japansee crap ?  BUT IF YOU DO that then you have to go into MORE DETAILS like how far do you go? japanese people make a lot of GOOD SHIT that you probably use on a daily basis. it almost seems ridiculous to avoid japanese crap incessantly because you will have to research and go oh damn this thing was made by a jap  A LOT and  then throw it away. people should go out of their way to avoid using any korean words that are of japanese origin?   it gets so petty in my opinion. The logic is that you’re avoiding japanese shit to “win” basically in that you “lose” if you do not avoid japanese shit. but if your wasting this much time of your life hardcore hating to the point that you’re spending this much time to avoid japanese shit with research and most likely your quality of life might be lowered since you forbid yourself from using japanese shit (but maybe some of the stuff you use in your daily life is also made by another country or maybe you don’t mind footing a bigger dill for a product that is inferior to the japanese counterpart)  it sounds like you’re “losing” in actuality. it’s just stupid

that’s basically what I said in my lang-8. I don’t personally want to labor over this topic whatsoever and research history or wahtever. because it’s not gonna change the fact that I love myjapanese media and I will keep consuming it. NOT TO MENTION I don’t have that much free time so i’m always trying to catch up with my japanese tv shows. THAT IS ALSO A REASON  these people psis me off. clearly they have too much free time. i BARELY HAVE enough time to accomplish/enjoy what I want  (SINCE IT’S LIFE AND YOU HAVE TO WORK AND DO SHIT ) yet this loser is asserting that I should spent my tie like this (that’s basically what this person is saying though the person did not say that explicitly/directly). the people who are gonna make really vague/useless assertions are just losers. they do not sound/look educated in any form/dimension. I’m just curious on people’s insights/thoughts on this issue that i’m sure I would have more insight/thoughts about if I made my japanese ability/learning public which i don’t. I don’t like dealing with bullshit/ignorance… I know what annoying attention you get in public if you draw anime in a public place or you tell your friends I started learning japanese etc etc especially in america because everybody loves hating . I really don’t like that about ameican culture because it’s honestly stunting our growth and making people complacent . by hating, people are being discouraged. you could argue that some people may use that to fuel their passion or whatever but I think it’s more negative than positive. in the end, the hating limits your activity/what you can do when there’s people around therefore decreasing the amount of time you spend doing whatever it is that you’re passionate

about. in all earnestly I would get shifted on badly since my japanese is better thaN Korean even though I’m korean. But I don’t care it’s what I enjoy f u. It’s not my fault korean tv won’t copy japanese tv more hardcore lol