A CONFESSION about monolingual japanese dictionaries


seyeelash-star geassss

look at that STAR SPARKLE in the eyelashes!! super shoujo
geeee geasss

the 3 pics of the modern aime are from code geass AKITo and that is the most “recently” made aime i’ve seen snce the rest are shit lol. the animation of all the 2016 anime etc juts repulses me lol… not that this anime is amazing but if you’re a geass fan it might be worth chcking out .

so for a long time, and i mean years, I did not know what the <スル> in the dictionary entries in the japanese dicdtionary meant. i just thought of スルーする=無視する every time i came across it which was often but i wasn’t thinking that that’s whta it meant. obviously that doesn’t make sense. I contemplated asking on chiebukuro or googling it but i never bothered because i forgot and iwas doing other stuff. NOW I figured it out myself after all these years. I did’nt poder on it but one day it just dawned on me what it signifies. it was so clear ad obvoius. and i was very certain that i figured it out. me not knowing what signified did not impede my ability to use a japanese-japaese dictionary or read japanese online or in books etc simply becasue the words that i usually look up are words that i encountered in real japanese media. so anyways the signifies the word can be used as a verb by attaching suru to it like hantai suru or gyakutai suru tec etc. basically i already can tell if i can do the + suru anyway since i already came across the word being used in japanese media.

ANYWAYSA I FINALLY GOOGLED IT TODAY AND there is another idiot who has no idea what the hell that signifies


just wanted to make this entry to share some pics and make a confession that i’ve been meaning to make for a long time.. it’s not a mind-blowing epiphany but it’s somethig that took me forever to figure out yet when i finally i did i realized i ever needed it anyway!! I don’t think me not knowing /realizing what suru<> means in the dictionary entries puts me in the “am i still in japanese 101” moments due to what i juts wrote up there.

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