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So I am making this post because like most users of reusable menstrual products I WISH I knew about them sooner. By that I mean I didn’t know that was an option. All I heard is that back centuries ago they used rags. I wondered that was sufficient and whatnot and I just didn’t want to think about that since it’s not my problem. I thought that we were “blessed” to be living in a modern era with the “technology”to deal with periods. I did my fair share of googling about periods when I got it since I just couldn’t talk about it with anyone but I never ever ever came across reusable products. I am certain that I found out about these products from youtube when youtube recommended videos on the side.

anyway my first reaction was “GROSS” like anyone else. But I also thought that the girl made some really interesting points that were persusasive and valid.

here’s the list of reasons that pushed me…
-comfort – this is so big especially with sleeping with the heat. i don’t have problems with getting yeast infections or anything like that but it is uncomfortable. one thing i hated was how that stay-dry mesh thing sticks to me. you know a japnese youtuber was saying how american pads are like diapers because they’re so huge and she has to bring the megami pads from japan… also i read some japaense girl’s blog post where she said how they american pads are so unbreathable and plasticy. from reading this information i think most likely japanese and korean pads are probably superior in comfort but they’re probably still just as bad for your health. THE OTHER ASPECT of this is that for me is that my period stops an starts after a certain point so i really hated the idea of suffering the discomfort of the pads when it wasn’t even “necesary.” i was reading on a japanese informtaional spammy interenet site that it’s a bad sign if it is’nt a “continuous flow” but that’s jus thow it is for me…

-healthier. the disposable stuff are really bad for you and obviously if you get the “organic cotton” brand you’ll burn through a lot of cash real fast. they are chock full of chemicals. so if you’re a person that is health conscious and you like “natural” “organic” food you should also look into this. i’m sure the disposable products increase your risk of cancer. they say it doesn’t contain that much so it’s not that bad for you. i know the saying is that anything can be toxic even water if you consume too much. (some poor frat pledges died from drinking too much water😦 ) .. but i just don’t want to expose myself to carcinogens and irritants if i don’t need to.
-save money
-reusable so there’s no pressure or reason to try to “stretch out” your supplies. adding to this you can change as often as you want
– better for the environment. the stats for how long it takes for diapers, pads to break down are incredibly depressing and the sheer volume is mind-blowing and hard to imagine.
-you don’t have to go to the pharmacy or big box store to stock up (I’ve never done this before… by myself. i imagine if i did i would be super stressed out and hope there’s a girl cashier working and if not i would go to another store lol…and try to buy other things i don’t really particularly need or aren’t even good deals)
-lighter,shorter periods – so this isn’t a guarantee but it’ definitely an attractive incentive! there’s also less cramps but i don’t really have this problem. i for one do not experience a difference. -customizable – length, absorbancy, thickness (the thinnest one i’ve found is fig leaves pads or novel red’s ninja pad. they’re both pretty damn thin), material, design, color…. hell there’s even ones in cute shapes like i saw one shaped as bear head or something

Im’ sure someone can make a list that’s just as long vouching for disposable products but for me comfort aspect alone makes reusables trumps disposables. i really feel bad for babies. i wonder if they are in perpetual discomfort or are the products better now?

The way i transitioned was… i was totally turned off but curious after watchin probably one of bree’s videos. Like everyone was thinking i thought why is this girl making all these videos on pads and menstruation and “GROSS.” the idea repulsed me from the years of “condtioning” you could say just because i’m so used to the “modern solution.” So I jumped on the free liner + pay for shipping deal from luna pads & party in my pants just to try. that was enough to win me over. it wasn’t perfect, in fact i don’t even use them now but that got me to order stuff from etsy. i’m not poor and i work full time so i got enough so i can wash them all at the end of the cycle. i’m still very conscientious of how much i spend becuase i tihnk of the suffering and the woork i had to do to make that money. i know some people buy 6 then wash them in the middle or make their own or buy used ones etc etc to save money. i did not do that… BUT YOU KNOW i was thinking if someobdy ordered one pad from one seller they could be turned off from reusables if that pad didn’t work out. i highly recommend checking out different sellers because not all reusables are equal. like i said there are different designs, prints, toppers, cores, thickness. don’t base your ultimate decision to convert or not based on one pad.

other tip: consider wing extenders, try different underwear

recommended videos
toppers :


other videos


here are sellers I recommend if somehow i was able to interest somebody and they’re interested. of course do as much as research as possible before purchasing. definitely think before you place your order. despite all the positive and rave reviews if it doens’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you. i recommend getting 1 or 2 from one seller in different lengths or absorbencies. also remember you usually get what you pay for. even if it seems like such a good deal with 6 or 7 or for x dollar if it doens’t work that’s x dollars and 6 or 7 pads down the drain.

yurtcraft -‘nuf said. great sewing
mimi’s dreams – go for the hemp core! i recommend the 10-in
fig leaves pads ( you hvae to join her facebook group otherwise you will never get one) – probably the thinnest one i have and the only one with a special snap that isn’t a circle. it’s a star!!!
novel red (they had black friday sale in 2015) – for liners and pads . they have the ninja pads and the crushed velvet!! they also has obv now but… i haven’t tried that.
tree huggers (they have black friday sales) – i have organic bamboo velous from them and don’t even interest in minkee.
wee essentials – for liners
sleeping doe – flawless sewing and quality like yurtcraft
county cloth creations – some people love them but they’re just okay to me
green4less- great prices for the quality. i was impressed with the stitching and the general rule is that the pads look better in person than in pictures. i think they’re especially cost-effective if you want huge overnight pads
annybells essentials – amazing sewing
cloth dreams – obv
precious star pads – she’s the only one i can find that has BAMBOO charcoal which is a stay dry facric. also the prices on her wet bags are fantastic. even though the shipping was RIDICULOUS since i’m the usa the wet bags offset the shipping costs🙂 wet bags are so over-priced on etsy
mama bear baby wear – i like her tuckables… great price and quality🙂 not interested in her pads though. plus ihear they are VERY wide s oyou should ask for an extra snap if you’re gipong to order from her.

cozy folk –

COZY cloth – customizable and thin. i’m not too into flannel
domino pads – some peope love them and their oyutube video is very persuasive and she givers great reasons on why she designed her pads the way she did but i don’t love them and definitely pricey.

mothermoon pads??

cleaning routines:
of course this is an intimidating aspect and i for one cannot throw in used pads without doing any pre-washing. i feel grossed out about that.


so what I do is a variation of elizabeth’s video.
I soak all of them in cold wtaer in a plastic trashcna for about 2 hours or so then dump the water out. then i fill up the bucket with cold water and add a mix of oxi-clean and scrapings of buncha’s farmer stick for 12-24 hours. i put hot water (not hot to the point where the plastic melts) and oxi-clean and the scrapings in a plastic bottle and shake it and take the cap off. i dump the water out again and then throw the pads in the washing machine and wash with a full scoop ofnellie’s detergent. dry them in the dryer then hang to try using a contraception with a lot of clips.

i modified her method by doing an initial water soak like this because after 2 hours there’s a good amount of saturation and loosening that’s happened. AND if i soak it any longer it”ll turn into the “soaking method” which REEKS.

if you care about stains you have to check for staining before you throw them in the washing macine and most definitely before you throw them in the dryer.

i was intrigued by cakefate’s new video on her updated cleaning method which REALLY gets them clean.


i recommend wee essentials.

I’m a convert. i am american so i knmow americans tend to be defensive and dismissive…. also i am aware that reusable cloth pads is very niche still at least in america. i understand exactly how people are grossed out because i used to feel that way. i haven’t talked to anyone about this in real life but i definitely want more people to know about this option and by that i mean really understand the option. i know it’s very easy to be close-minded and i think to some extent there’s this pressure that you have to to react with an “EW” on top of the visceral reaction to dismiss this concept from all those years of conditioning and lack of information.

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