anime review: shirobako episode 1

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so usually when people rave and recommend anime on their blogs i usually brush it off and ignore that persons recommendations with the assumption that their taste in anime iscomplete shit. for some reason i didn’t do that yesterday and actually checked this out. genshiken was shit and so is this. in the middle of it i was thikning hmmm i’d rather watch anime giga or tlak/variety shows or interviews with seiyuu /anime director people, geinin, tv talent etc etc. I think that would be more interesting, informational, and most of all efficient.

i’ve mentioned before on my blog i’m sure that there are tell-tale signs that an anime is shit and this anime had those but for some reason i still watched the episode till the end though very distracted with my smartphone towards the end. i fast-forwarded here and there like the annoying car driving scenes. for me personally, the most interesting part of episode 1 is the part where the girl is listening to the voice actresses chit-chatting on the radio because it reminds me of japnaese talk/vairety shows which i love plus they didn’t talk at a snail’s pace. i geniunely found that to be the most interesting part of the episode.

anyways here’s some tell-tale signs that the anime is not wroth watching:

the scene where the girl meets that other woman who is well endowed and at one point they use a strange camera angle to emphasize how big are tits are. it’s just so unnecssary and it doesn’t fit the anime and it’s just been OVER-DONE so many f’in times in anime. they did other stuff to emphasize her tits but it’s jut like… why don’t you use that energy and effort and time on improving the damn DIALOGUE.

all the characters are shit… all the characters look exactly the same minus hair color or style. the first 5 minutes was like…. they all look the same. i cannot remember their names. i also roll my eyes at their names lol. it remiinded me of k-on… which i’ve never seen but i would assume it would be a very boring anime.

the blonde girl who works in the anime company… i was shaking my head with a resounding no. empty moe is just pointless. i think it’s cheap throwing in some random archetype design blahblahb… it made me barf.

every time they introduced anime stafff…. and then then character opened his/her moiuth . i kept saying to myself THIS IS SO BORING. his voice is SO BORING and is what i predicted. i was thinking yep this guy has the boring voice, this guy has the cool guy voice, uh huh just don’t even bother making them tlak… it’s so mundane and makes me wonder what’s the point of making this anime.

no one seems to have a personality. so BLAND


the show is very bland. all the dialogue is so boring in every way. the delivery, content, emotion are all lacking. my biggest problem with the dialogue is that it is frivolous.

the show feels very contrived, fake, and draggy. there was a part where one of the anime worker preson says omg x is isn’t done=. do you know what this means?that means x can’t y or blahblahblah. and that means y can’t x blahblaha. i think he kept repeating that multiple times after saying that. it’s such an unnatural way to talk. it feels like some kind of shitty anime worker trainer video with bad acting where they act out situations where shit goes wrong and explain the implications of that. half the dialogue is like this. it’s so stilted and unnatural. i felt really uncomfortable watching it from the fakeness. also watching the characters “freak out” about the “problems” was just irritating and trivial and “how gives a shit” ” get the fuck over it”. usually if I’m into the anime i’ll be interested in how they solve it and feel excitement or thrill or whatever but here i’m lke let me fastfoward 5 minutes to see how they resolve it. it’s so draggy and TEDIOUS.

i was reading ove rmy previous posts on slayers next, iron leaguer, battle athlets victory. and i must say my sentiments are so so different towards this anime compared to those. i cannot watch shit.

another anime i will check out due to that blog is shigatsu no uso because he just had to say it was like welcome to the nhk! I recommend this anime highly to anyone who likes anime or hates it. but then he said it turns to shit so he recommends not watching it. i just want to check it out and see if iget the welcome to the nhk vibe or welcome to nhk leves of greatness or addictiveness. i have no problem skipping episodes, fast-forwarding, dropping,,,, so i don’t feel pressured to waste x hours of my life 😀 k.

no pictures of anime here bigecause quite frakly they all look the same. plus i ain’t wasting time screenshotting shit.

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