I am not down or depressed about my speaking skills in korean, japanese or english

Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso ep02 (1280x72I find it irritating to read those omgs my korean speaking is shit blahblahblah. i’m tihnking no duh you don’t speak korean ever so why would you get better? you don’t practice the piano, so why the hell do you expect yourself to be able to play some fancy beethoven song perfectly. i wish everyone would just read ajatt and SHUT UP.

shirou ametalk <- omg i want that frog plushie with the booooooots

one of those things that every language learner is probably dubious of is the just keep speaking strategy. i have my doubts that you will continue using incorrect korean/japanese/whateve rlanguage and you’ll get bad speaking habits ingrained in you etc. i was watching happy togehter then i found this other clip becase i wanted to know more about julien and fabio and they’re good looking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Lj4ZjJUt2U

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkSTLZHkS44d i find the improvement to be so encouraging and fascinating but at the same time it’s reasonable that somebody will get really good at korean after living there for 10 years. what’s surprising if someone does’t speak any korean even though they lived there for 10 years but i don’t want to judge people beause it’s ultimately up to that person if they want to learn korean and how they want to their time and what they value and what their circumstances are blahblahblah. anyways what i really liked and noticed is that he went from being unsure of the conjugation ??? and other things to just speaking korean. speaking korean seems really natural to him and it probably is. on happy together they mentioned how chatty julienis and how outgoing and assertive he is. that really hit me because that’s the complete opposite of me and like i said if you don’t speak you can’t expect yourself to get better. i’m just not a chatty person and i’d rathe rust listen or do something else. that’s just not my personality. for that reason speaking isn’t one of my goals so i don’t worry about it or get mad at myself over not reacing unrealistic expectations becaise i have realistic expecations of myself based on my personality, what i do in korean, what i want to do in korean. i hate reading those peopl’e blogs or posts where they bitch about how they suck at speaking even though they clearly don’t even bother speak all tha tmuch and even if you go out of your way to try to have a conversation for an hour everyday you’re not going to get immediate results and if you’re a chatty betty then there’s going to a lot silence during your conversations or you’re going to do mostly listening. and if you can’t even understand poeple why are you bitching about your crappy speaking skills. on an unrelated note i learned a korean word from an unexpected source. NICKELODEAN! so i checked out make it pop because i read up on the megan lee news and i love her cover of a korean song that she has on her channel that was also covered a member of spica . they have korean in the logo and i had no idea what i meant. looked it up and of course it’s one of those “new”words that was made up. in short it means be happy

2 thoughts on “I am not down or depressed about my speaking skills in korean, japanese or english

    1. choronghi Post author

      i do not know. you can ask on korean forums. i have no interest in korean news and i sure as hell have no interest learning korean through korean news.



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