OBSESSED WITH… unpretty rapstars!

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omgs… I think the last korean reality tv show I was into was lee hyori unni xx or xx unni and clips of kpop star 2,3. wait a minute my last korean reality show was HIDDEN singer and i sitll hav a few eps that i have to watch. I dn’t watch every episode of that show because i do not care about all the singers…

I am so glad I picked up a majority of daily conversation korean which made watching this show pleasant because it is frustrating looking up every other word you hear or you try to catch or is on the screen etc (i still remembe rthe days when i’d have to look up easy words like 우승 and whatnot because i hadn’t fully gotten used to the korean readings for the chinese characters….). the way i picked up on that was by lookng up words while watching korean shows like immortal song, bad boys with snsd and inteesrtsting talk shows or interviews with famous people I find fascinating. I used anki but it’s not as effective as japanese because i’m not as consistent with consuming korean media as i am with japanes media. not only that, familarizing myself with korean is critical like if the word is made out of chinese characters i may be able to figure out what the word means because somethin gclicks in my head that hey i think that chinese-character based is this based on the context everything (my only clue is the sound of the word , my knowledge of how the chinese character sounds convert from the korean pronunciationto japanese prnuniciation examples g-> i like 義理 …

londonnnnnn보충 [補充]

간수해 가랑이 [看守]

구역질 나는 Wanna be 嘔逆

실력부터 외모까지 넌 방송 부적합 또하나
実力から外見まで 放送不適合 あと一つ言わせろ

however it takes a while or a few seconds which is just too slow to just sit, comprehend, and enjoy the show since the conversation is continuing). especially with rap, it’s necessary that my comprehension is as automatic and effortless as possible otherwise by the time i’m trying to comprehend the first verse the girl’s already done rapping or moving onto a compete different verse. I’m so glad that my efforts weren’t for nothing because korea made this show that completely engaged me. i found out about the show last week and caught up in a matter of days (2 episodes per day because i work full time. i ain’t got time like that). in fact i’m so GLad I DIDN’T FInd out about this show sooner becaues if i did i would go crazy waiting every week. instead i only have to wait 3 days for the last episode 🙂 I found out from good old youtube. i was watching fiestar’s live performance of pitiful which i find catchy and their mv is extremely biased… i feel like i could only remember one girl’s face. everyone else’s face was on the screen for 0.5 seconds at a time so i couldn’t even tell how many girls are even in the group.jkj

ANYWAYS…. I am very glad i learned korean in 2011, 12, 13, 14. otherwise watching this show would be painful or i would have to downoad the english sub version. most of the time the show is easy to watch because daily conversation is same shit over and over again and i’ve learned nearly all or most of the daily convresation korean over the years gradually and forget lots since i consumeD korean media on a sporadic basis. OF COURSE they can and do use words i do not know and i am able to look it up in japanese or korean and i can usually tell if the word will pop up in LINGOES OR NOT. i hate wasting my time typing the word into lingoes to find out it’s not in there ESPECIALLY when i have an inkling that it won’t be in there because i hav ea feeling that it’s slang or “new word” that was made up a few years ago or whateer and I’M SORRY I’M NOT FLUENT in korean so i can’t figure out that crap (korean people really are good at inferring/figuring that shit out because they know their language and stuff is instinctive and sounds like what it means etc. it’s like they have superpowers)…. i have to research that shit. lol. it feels like even if you get up to date in the new slang and made up words they’ll make up ones in the future anyway and like i mentioned with my sporadic consumption of korean… that’s probably how it’ll always be like with those kinda words. ANYWAYS i’m really intersting in understanding the rapping parts fulllllllllly because sometimes there’s way too many words i don’ tknow or i do know but i’m not that familiar with them… sometimes there’s a lot going on with the grammar in the sense i don’t process it as effortlessly and easily as a korean person. sometimes it’s really fast, there’s slang, there’s cursing,,, i wonder if i know all the korean words they’re bleeping or if they’re using these curse words that my ears haven’t heard of… is there a long list of curse words in korean to bleep out on korean tv? if you think about it there’s isn’t a slew of english words that get bleeped… it’s usually the f-word, shit, and the c-word and a-hole… i don’t think there’s that many..

I want to at least find a site that wrote down the lyrics because it’s annoying to take all these screenshots or copy down the words on the screen and sometimes they don’t even have the lyrics on the screen. the english subs would be really helpful because i know korean fairly well to the point that english subs would serve as an aid like a dictinoary and interpreter ( however the translator translated or explained the rap verse) . I wish they would release soft-subs…… 😦

I did find a few things. i haven’t dug deep but i will share what i foundametttalks 5hour sepcial

raps from episode 4, 6 – it’s sparse and i don’t think these are the “best” raps from the show.

I went fangirl crazy when verbal jint was on the show and i love how he always has his game face on. I think he’s so talented and “cool” in his demeanor and his english pronunciation is amazing.

I’m a fan of Jessi. I know she might have a lot of haters but i’m not one of them… she’s really representing us americans!! 😀

I don’t want to write on and on about the show because there’s so much to talk about. I highly recommend checking it out and see if it fills your reality tv void. there’s clip on yotube, you can stream it, download it raw or with english subs.

one last random commnt: after a while i reazlied tymee looks like ailee!!! especially because ailee has her hair dyed. i loved her look when she was 16 with the black hair and black eyebrows lol… now she looks like every other korean girl .


Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso ep02 (1280x72

I posted all these entries on learning from song lyrics and i recently realized that i’ve misunderstood 10cm all this time. i don’t really pay attention to their lyrics so it hasn’t crossed mind at all all this time. i remember they were doing their sexy singing of korean nursery songs on sketchbook and i thought it was funny and i do think the main singer has a knack for singing in that way. then on another sketchbook episode they were talking about how their songs double meanings and i loved how the main singer guy (i can’t reembe his name… just a lot “g” sounds) kept brushing it off and acting as if he had absolutely no intention of writing dirty lyrics with a dirty mind and he kept saying that he wants to express spiritiuality and all that mumbo jumbo. it’s hilarious it reminded me of the time they were doing show where the set-up was that daybreak and 10cm hate each other. i loved the 10cm acted on the stage whether that was intentional or not. I think there will be great value in looking into 10 cm lyrics. Also rap lyrics are of great interest to me since there will be slang, word play, double meanings, references, etc etc. ALSO THEY TEND TO BE vague and need a lot of inferencing skills… inference comprehensioN? because it’s a rap so they’re going to be THAT explicit and spell everything out in detail and they have to rap to match the beat and all that. for example there won’t be a subject in the lyrics but all the korean poeple can inference how to comprehend or interpret the rap verse and the rap song as a whole. while for me i think of all the possibilities what the lyrics could mean or could be directed or could be in respected etc etc and then i have to narrow down to what the most likely correct answer is and sometimes i’m wrong and i’m sometimes i’m between two and i still get it wrong. to me that’s the familiarity and fluency that comes into play in respect to korean and understanding difficult material like rap lyrics especially if you’re consuming for the first time with no pausing at the real speed. the speed really makes me question my understanding of basic/fundamental korean grammar especially if they use words i know but i’m not too familiar with….. for example that happens most often with CHEETAH’s lyrics to give you an idea. for some reason even though the grammar’s basic and common i have to keep track of all the information and comprehend and it’s fast and so i end up not comprehending or somewhat etc. of course watching it again is helpful but anyways that’s a difference between fluent native korean vs. somebody who’s learning korean and korean isn’t as natural and embedded in him or her.

BUT YOU KNOW i can also write about my poor comprehension of rap lyrics in english because sometimes those people are mad ghetto and so slangy and i really have no fucking idea what it means. but most of all i do not care and i do not want to learn or find out. i find no value in speaking like an uneducated fool.


of course season 2 is confirmed! I was thinking lately that i want to acomplish something so that in 2 years time etc i know that i accomplished this little by little. like I continued on with improving my english vocabulary with what i mentioned in an earlier pots using anki and the MCD format. other goals on my mind are spanish and french. my specific goal would be basic conversation and good pronunciation and comprehension so that i can communicate. it’s not like my goal in japanese which is fluencyu and korean which is… not fluency but i feel motivated at times when i find compelling media like unpretty rap stars. however i haven’t done much with spanish and french. i tried the podcast thing but GOSH for a popular language why do all the podcasts suck. surprisingly i did find a good french podcast where they have the conversation and then they translate and explain the words and they don’t have dumb conversations that no one gives a shit about like they did in _podcast 101. what irks me about this ideal podcast is that they keep being obsessed with the grammar like oh ~~~ means ~~~ or translates to ~~~ and then they go it’s the blank blank form while in english it’s usually the blank blank form. i’m like STOP SAYING SHIT LIKE THAT… i will not remember and i don’t care. i just want the conversation and then translation line by line.


btw from watching the show and some show me the money 3 i’ve internalized the words 덤비다 because this word just seems to pop up a lot. i already knew this word before watching the shows but seeing the word used in context over and over again really helped me solidify my understanding of this word. in the beginning i was at the point where i knew from looking up in the dictinoary that dumbida means つっかかる BUT i still had doubt in my mind that it really doesn’t mean that just because i haven’t seen it be used that many times. it has happened before where i looked up a word and i was convinced it meant something but then i realized the meaning was actually this other entry or i completely misunderstood the whole context etc etc. also from seeing it being used so much i’ve gained great familarity where i’m not doing the dumbida = tsukkakaru everytime i hear it. the meaning comes naturally, and immediately from hearing the word. there’s no conversion or anything because i heard it get used so many damn times and now i know it’s a damn useful word for understanding rap lyrics!

the podcasts suck in such a way that i feel that i would get more accomplished watching spanish tv with no english subs or with spanish captions. i haven’t accomplishe dmuch with spanish and frnech but i have no feelings of guilt since i know what works with language learning which is finding fun entertainment like unpretty rap star, certain japanese show, music etc. it comes down to should i listen to this podcast or listen to this song that i love. of course it’s gonna be the song that i love…. since i hvae a long of que music i downloaded that i didn’t listen to yet! my understanding and attitude towards language learning is that it’s gotta be enjoyable and fun. it can’t something you try to force yourself to like or find interesting or something that is interesting but not nearly as interesting as xyz in your native language. it should not be a compromise where the main motivation to consume that media is because it’s in your goal language rather than because it’s just plain FUN. reason #1 should be enjoyment, reason #10 or 9 etc should be because it’s in x langauge. that’s my view on effective language learning. i also believe that’s an efficient way and you will get more proficient and efficient at it as you go along. my dilemma is there’s SO MUCH media to consume in japanese and korean … i do not have room for spanish and french.

hell… you know lately i;ve been trying to read books in english to help with my vocabulary acquisition since the best vocab words are the ones i come across rather than the ones gathered in some sat prep book. i find some really interesting, useful, fun words from reading but… it’s so har dto find good books. i feel like just reading otsuichi, honda takayoshi etc etc because i know i’ll like them. i can’t tell if i just prefer japanese literature nmore or if i’m not trying to find good books in english hard enough. the reason i say that is i REALLY CANNOT STAND the writing style of most authors. i just can’t stand them. it’s laborious. i can’t remember anything about the characters. they describe or give background info way too much that it’s extremely counterproductiv and i’m wonderin’ who the hell cares or remembers (some authors they really over describe and it makes me shout HALLELUJAH thank god i understand japaense because for otsuichi he is “brief” in his details but he only mentions important details. he cuts out all the shit. he just gives me gold, the meat, etc. I really appreciate that!!! ) sometimes it’s so mundane and ordinary i’m like wut? sometimes the writing is just poor… it may be not piss poor but i’m in astonishment as to how this author even sold 10 books. we all have different tastes in books but i cannot fathom it. you know how come books makes you realize how enjoyable reading can be….. i come across those books too just very very infrequently. there’s all these websites t help you find books but they’re only so helpful (and annnnnnnnoyin with adding the books i’ve read) and i don’t want to spend money so i’m limited to the library’s collection. and let me just say i hate the writing style in the hunger games and divergent ( i read a page or two when i saw it in the book store) . just mentionin’ in case some teeny bopper comments on this blog entry.

for some reason there’s all these thriller books or crime thriller books with fbi agents that all seemto say new york times best seller #1 . they all just seem so boring to me. i try to read it and of course my gut instinct was right that it’s unreadable and it feelslike a waste of time to read it. i appreciate a well-written story with interesting characters but it’s so hard to find those books.

feel free to recommend boooooks from at least 2012 and older… i’m limited to the books in a library here…

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    1. choronghi Post author

      did i ever say such a thing? i don:t watch stuff dubbed in korean and i usually download rather than stream. so i have no idea why you:re asking this question and thus i have no answer for you. idon:t know what you:re trying to watch but you can google and find it by searching in korean. i use several torrent servers to download korean shows taht are in korean, not dubbed in korean.


  1. choronghi Post author

    again why are you making that assumption? i DON’T USE LEARNING WITH TEXTS PROGRAM and which language are you even asking about? korean? i don’t read korean.


    1. choronghi Post author

      i only read stuff i want to read. right now that is japanese novels and korean scandal news if something really interesting happened.


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