learning korean from kpop

my first 2015 post…

added all these to my anki :

이 아슬한 Feeling

다퉜대 너하고

가시덤불 저 너머 Boy

줄타기가 시작되려 해

Drama에서나 나올법한 얘긴데

아슬아슬 줄타기가 시작되려 해
[ JTBC] 히든 싱어 2 E11 131221 김윤아 HDTV H264 720p WIT

[ JTBC] 히든 싱어 시즌3 E06 140920 태연 HDTV H264 720p WI
[ JTBC] 히든 싱어 시즌3 E06 140920 태연 HDTV H264 720p WI

these are all from the nine muses song DRAMA. I think it’s a very catchy and i love the fierce raps in the beginning. I love the access to korean learning materials that is only possible due to my proficiency in japanese. otherwise i’d have to look up every frikin word in the dictinoary which sucks. sometimes with wayaku i end up looking up the word anyway because i don’t trust the translation or i want to know more nuance and all that. but anyways i love WAYAKU. people were talking about how it’s disappointing and all that and i agree with some of the points that from the rap in the beginning i expected more but it’s still a good song. most of the lyrics are easy to understand. some words i don’ tknow so this song is pretty ideal for me to learn from. not to mention i listened to it a lot from the performances on youtube, the mp3 i downloaded. the only problem is i only just looked up the lyrics and added them to anki. i would’ve benefited more if i looked up the lyrics earlier. for some reason not bing able to catch all the lyrics don’t bother me all too much.
gkainotsukai mp4 snapshot 12 12 [2014 10 30 21 2


now that i knowunderstand all the lyrics the song sounds different to my ears now… especially the rap part.


[ JTBC] 히든 싱어 2 E11 131221 김윤아 HDTV H264 720p WIT

i never understood the point of how are you? to me it’s just a formality and i’m thinking inside i know you don’t care… especially people you don’ tknow. it’s just an annoying question to answer and sometimes you’re not even supposed to answer it? at least it feels that way. and i usually say okay or fine or good but it’s usually livid nowadays. it’s awful. it’s very simple… i hate people.

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