inchotodriI think I finally conquered acne! I never thought I’d say this. sometimes I hoped I would outgrow acne once I escaped my teens years but it persisted. I wish I was more vigilant earlier because it’s not that hard. I’m going to go over what I’ve done to eliminate acne and hopefully some of it will apply to you!

KISSAMETLAKI remember I searched for natural remedies for hyperpigmentation at one point because that’s the biggest problem with acne for me is that sometimes it leaves hyperpigmentation behind. if you severe acne you may even get pock marks. as much I hate the hyperpigmentation at least i don’t have pockmarks.

Later I came to the realization that there isn’t much of a point of trying remedies for hyperpigmentation if I’m going to continue getting acne. I only see a point of doing the hyperpigmentation remedy if I found a way to stop getting acne or “outgrow it.” I realized after a while that I get acne on the same spots or same areas over and over. For example I’ll get a huge pimple on my LOLZZZcheek, it’ll take 5 to 7 days to heal completely if it’s that huge. Usually if it’s big and unsightly it leaves hyperpigmentation behind. After it heals, 1 or 2 weeks later another pimple shows up in that same spot or similar area. Repeat this over and over with that spot and other spots. I swear the longest I’d gone without acne during that period of my life was probably 2 or 3 weeks. I’d always have at least one pimple on my face (this includes the initial bump, huge swollen white pimple and healing phase) for half the month. I’ve been dealing with this for so many years and didn’t think about why I’m getting acne in the same spot over and over.

I figured out the cause. I didn’t want to acknowledge it or believe it but the cause is dairy. The “incubation time” made it difficult for me to realize that it’s the cause. If I drink milk I most likely will not get acne that hour or day. It’ll take a few days, a week, even 2 weeks. It’s delayed so I didn’t make the connection for the longest time. Also dairy products are ubiquitous. The go-to breakfast is either cereal or pancakes or waffles or french toast for most Americans. I’ve gone to restaurants and the dish I order mentions no cheese and nobody associates that dish with cheese but it comes with cheese on it. Americans love cheese .

During the period that I was suspecting dairy, I loved eating greek yogurt. I was also eating cereal with milk though not as frequently as the greek yogurt. The cereal I was eating was homemade, not processed & gmo & heaps of sugar & fake sugar. CEREAL IS NOT HEALTHY. do not be brainwashed by those commercials. just google it. stop eating cereal. stop throwing your money way on cereal. Also at the time I liked cheese in sandwiches, cheeseburgers, mac ‘n cheese. When I did my ditch dairy experiment the only dairy source that was difficult to give up was yogurt. For example, Red Mango has become very popular in the past few years and it tastes good. What would happen is I’d stop dairy for 2 weeks and my face would be fine. The effects weren’t pronounced since the effect is delayed. Even if I stopped dairy I could still get a pimple 3 days into it from the dairy I consumed before the experiment. Of course I loved my dairy and I didn’t want to deal with nasty vegan cheese (I haven’t tried but that’s all i hear) etc so I wanted to deny it. I hoped it was a coincidence that I’m just the type of person who is bound to get acne every few weeks regardless of dairy intake. I’d go on my dairy strike, cave a few weeks later thinking one cup of dairy shouldn’t make a big difference or maybe I just have a “low” threshold of dairy. then I would suffer from acne afterwards.

Once the link became clear. I thought it over and I realized just how strange it is that I get pimples on certain areas over and over. Dairy was causing acne to erupt in those areas. those areas aren’t areas where I’d suspect acne to erupt.

Then I changed my face washing routine and that sealed my no-acne deal. first of all I employ 2 different washing techniques lol.
first is the awadate (bubble/foam) washing. – YOUTUBE IT. In short 1) wash your hands thouroughly 2) use warm/hot water and make foam with your facewash/facesoap using the face foaming net 3) use that to gentle wash your face. Because it is foam you don’t have to touch your face or apply pressure.

second is the acne foam product that I buy and use. It comes out of the container in a lotion consistency and after I apply it to my skin it has a reaction and foams/bubbles up.

If I go outside and do stuff and come back home at the end of the day I use the awadate bubble/foamfirst then the acne foam wash. If I don’t go outside I only wash my face with water at night. To be honest when I first heard about awadate buubble/foam on japanese TV I was somewhat convinced that might solve my acne problems. but alas that was not the case but i think my skin was cleaner washing it with foam as opposed to just face face soap that’s not in bubble form.

I realized that using the acne wash in the morning works as prevention. I usually use it at night because I know salicyclic acid can make your skin sensitive to the sun. If I use it in the morning, I use it as soon as possible to increase the time from when it was on my face to when my face will hit the sunshine outside. I only put it on the areas that are acne-prone areas for me which are engraved in me from all these years of living.

When I used it only at night I still got pimples. It could also be contributed to the fact that I didn’t use it everyday and only used it every few days because I’m frugal and my belief that putting salicylic acid on your face too often isn’t beneficial. I believe that the mechanism for acne for me is I wake up and that during the course of my day a pore gets clogged and I get acne. It happened to me so many times. I’ll wake up with a clear face, go outside when I was attending school and go on about my day and then a few hours later when I looked at my face in the mirror I had a huge pimple developed and I didn’t feel it developing lol. Or sometimes I feel itchiness and then I realize that’s a pimple in the making. One day I started using it in the morning and golly gee whiz I don’t get pimples anymore. I still do but it’s really rare.

Recently something I have been trying to mindful of doing is washing my hands thoroughly. I made this conscious decision from watching an ep of sekai ichi uketai jugyou. I specifically wanted to watch their special on taikan kyouka. the special also featured food-poisoning and hand washing. they were washing us how proper handwashing techniques as well as proper duration drastically decreases bacteria on your hands. The first step in face washing is WASH YOUR HANDS WELL.

to summarize this works for me.
1) avoid dairy. I know all the articles online say that there’s no SCIENTIFIC link or evidence that supports the notion that diet affects acne which makes people think okay I’ll EAT WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT. I think it’s PURE BS. Even if they don’t find a statistically significant correlation with food and acne everyone is different. not everyone is lactose tolerant and not everyone tolerates all foods. everyone is different so I say tweak with your diet (try eliminating dairy, processed food, etc). remember that the response is not immediate and is somewhat delayed. From my anecdotal experiences of seeing all kinds of acne-ridden faces in NYC i believe there is a link between diet and acne at least for some people. NYC also has pollution which is probably implicated in acne…
2) wash your hands thoroughly before washing your face. I don’t recommend using heavy-duty soap. I recommend thoroughly rubbing your palm with the other hand and the area between your fingers etc. Think of it as “pushing the germs off your hand.” This is what I learned from that Japnese tv show I mentioned.
2) use acne foam wash every other day in the morning. I was scared at first that if i use it every other day I’ll get pimples but every other day is wok ring fine. I’m apprehensive with using the foam wash everyday because it is salicyclci acid and it’s not good to use it too much plus I’m frugal. when i was using it everyday wasn’t getting redness or itching or dryness but I’d rather be cautious..
3) wash your face with awa by using awadate net = face foaming net
4) don’t touch your face
I heard this from korean TV. I was convinced this would make a huge difference and completely eliminate acne just like with the awadate net but it was not the case. I am sure it helps though. germs can cause acne. When I started putting this thought in the front of my mind I noticed so many that touch their face as well as people that squish their face when they lean their cheek on their hand.
5) go to sleep early. aim for in bed by 9 something and asleep by 10. if that’s too difficult aim for 12 am. Like the sunscreen, i hear about this from jaARYISHOpanese Tv ALL THE TIME. However I notice that most tv talents, at least the ones that are popular, do not follow this because they’re filming talk/variety shows at midnight and whatnot. I remember watching london hearts or a ame talk special and they specifically showed us the time at the studio and it was 2am, 3 am. It was crazy. Of course if you’re under 18 years old you can only work till 10 pm if my memory serves me correctly.


6) check your shampoo, toothpaste for SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE and switch ones that don’t have them ( especially if you have back acne or persistent chin acne) . I haven’t confirmed if SLS triggers acne on my chin or around my mouth but it seems strange that i get acne when i vigilantly use benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, bha…. i got acne on my upper chain after 2 days of vigilantly using the above products. it makes no sense. bha is so effective. i will see for sure if that will take care of that problem. i would love to me 100% acne free. i thought i was too old this for shit.

Now I can focus on cures for hyperpigmentation. EDIT: I read online that weaaring sunscreen everyday helps fade the hyperpigmentation… I will try my best

BTw I’ve seen yotube videos for how I cured my acne and this one vidoe made lol when I thought about it. it was made this blonde girl and she’ snot particularly articulate or good at communicating. she talks in this tedious, draggy way. She makes it sound like she found the “solution” to acne at least for her but if someone were to summarize her video fffun scshsotsit would be “I suffered from acne because I was unhygienic. and I am idiot for not realizing that sleeping in your make up leads to acne”. the even shorter version is “I’M DIRTY” the bitch started washing off her make-up at night and used acne products afterwards and started to notice that her skin was clearing up. before she went with makeup on and she broke out really bad but she didn’t learn from her mistakes and kept going to sleep in her mFFFUNNYakeup. also she puts more makeup on after the acne breakout so her acne only got worse I’m sure. she wondered why she’s a victim of acne now even though she rarely suffered from bouts of acne in the past. IDIOT!!! she mentioned THAT she had a invincible mentality that teens have… even so it’s that simple and I don’t know why it took her 10-12 minutes to explain in the video. (I didn’t watch the whole thing but man some people should not make videos) I watched the last part and she doesn’t seem to realize that her video is summarized as “I suffered from acne because I was unhygenic. and I am idiot for not realizing that sleeping in your make up leads to acne.” I find it even MORE hilarious that she doesn’t realize it. for some reason she’s convinced that she is sharing valuable knowledge and is helping people but for me it was common sense.

ALSO regarding my dairy void… I drink organic soymilk ONCE in a while (without the crap like caraggean ) and don’t eat yogurt, ice cream, chocolate ( if it hates dairy in it), PIZZA, CHEESEBURGERS. I don’t exercise enough so I’m okay with it.

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