Wow! So I realized even more how amazing the movie adaptation is after reading the book.  When I watched the movie it was really good and it almost made it seem as if making a good book into a good movie is almost effortless. omg the screenwriter and the director is the same person 中島哲也

Firstly my views on book -> movie transition is that it shouldn’t be exactly the same (add in dialogue, take away boring crap, tell it in a different way, rearrange scenes/dialogue/events,… make changes because movies aren’t books (i wasn’t surprised when i was forced t see the unger games 2 ansd saw that it sucked just as much the first one if not more when i heard that it’s closer to the book. making a movie just like the book doesn’t mean shit since movies AREN’T BOOKS. and that trilogy is just hopeless since the books suck so how can a decent result). too much dialogue/narration is a problem). it takes away the point of the movie it’ll be damn boring to watch for people who read the book and for the people who didn’t read it. the movie is so good. it’s enjoyable for people who read it (to see all the differences/add-ons/ and just seeing it movie-form) and for people who never read it. For confessions, I really appreciated the way the director/screenwriter arranged stuff and changed stuff. Like the monologue in the book are long and he did not put every frikin’ sentence of the monologue into the script and sometimes he even added stuff after cutting stuff. I loved the way he arranged stuff (I’m only saying this because i’ve had to sit through ridiculously long movies that accomplish NOTHING ie awful 9/11 movie about killing saddam hussein). For example that last part with shuuya’s confession on the “blog” was set up in a way that he showed 2 possibilities. The thing with confessions and monologues is that they’re all subjective so the characters aren’t necessarily only saying true things… there may be lies etc in there.  I appreciated the add-in of the big scene at the cafe which is not in the book or at least not in that form…  I feel like going through the list of the japanese acamdemy awrads and check out the movies that interest me…. i hope they’re not as rigged as messed up as ours like jennifer lawrence winning best actress is just a complete slap in the face to all the other actresses who actually deserve it.  her acting is okay… nothing special but her acting was AWFUL in silver linings playbook. the script of that movie was AWFUL and i’m sure better acting would make that seem less obvious but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s shit. 豚に真珠 ! But anyways reading the book made me appreciate and book to movie adaptions more! since they can be really good if the writer puts in effort which does not happen with harry potter etc etc.

If you like the movie (like is not the right word… if the movie was interesting to you), I recommend the book. some stuff I didn’t pick up from the movie or didn’t understand were clarified with the book. it could be because i’m not a “critical” “adroit” movie watcher or maybe i would’ve noticed upon re-watching etc.. you definitely learn about what’s going on with the characters more since monologues are long and movies can only contain so much dialogue before it turns to shit. I personally like the writing style and i would read other by the author for that reason. it’s very compatible with me and i read every syllable. for writers that i don’t really particularly like I have to either just read the dialogue or skim-read even more or just go to the last chapter or just read the summary-ending on line or just stop reading al together lol.  higashino keigo is no…. but for some reason the last 100 pages were more readable.

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