Confessions KOKUHAKU 2010 movie~ finally a good japanese movie!

Finally as in my first japanese movie that’s not anime that’s good. I found it enjoyable and i can definitely it recommend it to normal people (people who don’t watch asian movies etc etc ) GOOD. I was going through lines and i googled a line then I found the whole script online (japanese subtitles almost…) like towards the end of my process lol. It wasn’t like I had mad trouble with the lines in the movie so I wasn’t really bummed out. I only added a few things to my anki deck in the end.

I saved it as a text and uploaded it

in case the site disappears,,etc. I also put in the korean subs, the korean subs translated to japaense, the english ssubs that came with the movie, and txt of the lines i was writing down before i found it lol (there’s a couple really minor lines that’s in mine that’s in that. or maybe it was 1 line. just sharin’ ) .  I watched it with the ghetto-pseudo japanese subs so i can easily keep track of parts that i want to rewatch or figure out what was said that i couldn’t catch etc.

AS FAR AS the movie is concerned it’s dark, disturbing, interesting, artsy, mv-esque at times. It has good ost (radiohead <3) and cinematography. speaking of which, the hunger games will never be any of that lol. i was thinking since this movie is about revenge and has disturbing content and all that maybe some people wouldn’t want to watch it which is perfectly reasonable and fine. but then i realized that the number one movie in the US for many weeks? it made a shitload of money in short…. that that movie is about kids killing each other. I’ve seen both hg movies without my volition lol (no im’ actually crying becuase its almost 5 hrs + 20 $  i will never get back! and GODDAMN jennifer lawrence’s nose is UNNATURAL. i was looking at her face going wtf is wrong with her face ) . I would never watch those of my own accord because of the content and the fact that i can tell it’s boring as hell and poorly made, ridiculously long, and shallow and all that. as much as the movie is disturbing with the concept i don’t feel that at all when i watch the movie. i’m just bored. jeez how pathetic are hollywood movies?  But anyways since i thought of the hunger games after watching confessions after thinking about random things i just wanted to say go watch confessions instead if you’re going to watch thehunger games lol. hunger games to me is like 1/10 or 1/20… so awful.  Don’t worry I think battle royale sucks too lol… for god’s sakes fujiwara’s in it: the worst actor in japanese cinema j/k but seriously he’s AWFUL. IF YOU SEARCH 過剰演技 i’m sure he’ll pop up lol

When I think of japanee movies I think of crappy acting (overacting,bad acting,etc), crappy script, crappy cinematography, crappy pacing as in slow as hell, crappy audio (not the audio file but the actual recording and after-processing or lack there of etc), NOTHING HAPPENS (the only thing it has going on for it is the “atmosphere” fuinki which is complete BS)  or something happens but it’s so trivial you might as well say nothing I haven’t seen many japanese movies but that’s just my general thoughts which I am open to changing as  I watch good quality movies.  My thoughts regarding j-dramas have changed too since i had the opportunity to see some really amazing ones which i’ve reviewed. i’ve also seen really crappy ones which happened to be praised somewhere like its popularity or the japanese people or the american bloggers etc etc which made me realize it’s probably just best to watch whatever interests me and ignore whatever it priased or hyped if the drama itself doesn’t interest me ( there is a little chance i’m missing something amazing but 99% of the time u really should listen to your guts)

For the acting the 2 main kids are both in suzuki-sensei i tihnk . i didn’t look it up but i’m pretty sure. I must say that one kid is really blessed with his roles. he has such awesome unusual roles. it’s really good experience for him.  Confessions is a lot more interesting than suzuki-sensei with better pay-off and not as slow-paced btw. i have yet to finish suzuki-sensei though.  all in all the acting was amazing. usually with jaapnesemovies or dramas i have to sorta prepare myself ( mentally? ) for the crappy acting that may ensue just because it is a japanesemovie/drama… but this one my worries were completely unnecessary. y’all know what i’m talking about right?

This is a definitely i will recommend to anyone else who wants to obviate their preconceptions of Japanese movies like me.  I have no idea why i waited so long to watch this movie . i tihnk i just have no enthusiasm towards japanese movies becaues they just disappointed me in the past lol (the movies i checked out weren’t obscure… they were popular or praised or something but they all sucked so i was like wtf? ) . one of the reasons of my disappointment is they have the kishakaiken for the omvie ( I HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT for this movie to hear the director and the actors… SO CURIOUS!! ) and everyone talks about how much they thought about x and the little things they fixated on and how this movie is really good with the themes of xyz and blahblah and want everyone to check it out. but then you watch the movie and you’re like irritated at the shitatistic script that is not salvageable by anything…. and you wonder did i watch the correct kishakaiken or did i watch another kishakaiken with the same cast but different movie. the script is so so bad. so in that way sometimes the kishakaiken sorta makes me feel the potential of the movie and the movie just makes me go wtf is wrong with japanese movies and that the kishakaiken is more interesting and stimulating than the movie in the content and the quality/minute ratio.

Imma read fthe book toooooooooooooooooooo. I got the book but then i was like i want to watch the movie first. i like finding out about interesting information like twists or whatever through video than reading… that’s just my preference. I’m glad i did that because  i was surprised many times when i the movie. I suggest watching this movie without reading summaries, trailers etc. I saw the trailer a long time ago and forgot/misunderstood stuff lol so i wasn’t “bored” from knowing too much…  and i thought hey what was the significance of the last line in th emovie so i googled in japaense and i will side with the pessimistic group… it’s the most logical ending you know.

at this point I’m thinking of watching mtasuko no isshou since it’s the same director, i lvoe the actress and i distinctly remember her saying ~言ってみたり about kiraware matsuko no isshou  on shabekuri which was hilarious. it’s a definitely a shabekuri ep i recommend~

copy + paste


だがこの役は苦しんで苦しんで悩んで悩んで作り上げた中島哲也監督作品で、出演者の魅力を存分に引き出してくれるが非常に厳しくて、監督とも言い合 いになって「中島監督と付き合っていると胃が痛くなります」と言ったこともあったが、それぐらい自分を追い詰めていい映画を作り上げる素晴らしい監督だと 評していました。


oh and I also did the opposite pattern  of reading the book vs  drama becuase the drama looks mad tedious to watch especially while i was reading the book. himitsu by higashino keigo.  I didn’ tknow there was a drama when i bought the book. then i got to the main story and then i remembred shida mirai was in a creepy jdrama and i realized that this was the gensaku. so i’ve avoided higashino keigo all this time. i think there’s been many movies and dramas based on his works all these years. the reasons for avoiding include the fact that he has many crime books (there’s a bunch of authors in the $1 section of book-off that have a bunch of books about crimes especially murders and i just thought he was one of them but then i heard his name on japanese tv a few times since he is famous) and… i just tried other authors. so one day i was like let’s try him just to ge tit over with to see if i’m missing out or if my gut prediction is correct that it’s not for me. so i chose a book that won an award which was this.  so first of all his writing does nothing for me…. reaidng around people say it’s “easy” to read or something but to me it’s not easy to read because i do not have compatibility with his writing. sometimes for me 読みやすい is 読みにくい or 読み進めない not because my japanese sucks but becaseu the writing style doesn’t do shit for me. i agree techinically it’s easy to read and i barely looked up anything ( as in take pictures with my iphone) but the actual action of reading is borderline torturous? lol… it’s just not enjoyable as with other authors who make me realize how how much fun reading can be… how much fun reading japanese can be for japanese authors.  of course i’ve come across worse writing styles than him that are considered yomiyasui but are painful for me to read. so reading to the page when i find out the plot was tedioussssssss. this writing style is just not for me… 万人受け。。。doesn’t me it’s for me.for example shit like hunger games is mad popular… just means there’s lots of idiots in the world… doesn’t mean i’m one of them.  of course higashino is better than hunger games but just to give an example.  so anyways i started my tobashi yomi , which is what i do with books in english with writing styles that just dont’ do anything for me which is only read the dialogue. the only problem is sometimes i don’t know what’s going on so if i care enough etc i read the other text too. but for certain scenes, before i even read it i know it’s going to be tedious and who gives a shit (だから何?感 IN Japanese) ie when the characters interact with family members or go to the jikka.. lol. so that works really well for that or maybe i should skip that whole part. BUT SURPRISINGLy the last 100 pages were more interesting  and i did less tobashi yomi because i catually cared and for some reason the byousha didn’t feel as tedious and soulless and tiredsome as in most of the first 300 pages. the ending was sad…. not sure how i feel about it. so i wanted to watch parts of the drama for the sceness that interest me ESPECIALLY the ending.

I wrote what i wrote here for the most part on dokusho meter and surprisingly people niced it… and i read the kansou by the people who niced me and they were the ones who liked the book or cried after reading it.. which i find strange. this has happened in the past too where i basically talk shit about the book bc i did’nt like it for whatever reason but people still nice it lol. i was sorta scared people may “attack” “flame” me or something but japanese people aren’t like that i guess~ NAISU!

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