omg マジで!

Sashihara won the akb election! I was sorta worried she would go down because of the scandal. I wanted her to win but I never thought she would win. I picture mayuyu and ooshima for the crazy fans  (WOTAS ヲタ is it ota? lol ) that buy 1000s of CDs to vote. it comes down it it’s the number of votes!  p.s. there’s lots of 1 yen akb cd already on the amazon used CDs.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s speeches on the youtube (when HD comes up). So far I saw sashi’s and I saw maeda atsuko there a little bit I was thinking if maeda was still there, could sashihara have beat her?  I don’t know about that but I do know sashihara is way more interesting/better than maeda when it comes to talk/variety.  I like a bunch of members from akb48 from their personality and whatnot from their tv shows. I think my favorite  out of all of them is sashihara  since she ha sthe talk/variety thing with the negativity and she had her own show and whatnot. besides my bias towards saashiahra i also wanted her to win so she can actually be in the pv! lol. she always talks about being in the pv for 2 seconds at max even though she ranked high or whatever.  So hopefully since she’s the center, she’ll be in the PV the most for once!  I think sashiahra winning is akb-like. it just feels akb~~ like the doryoku wa kanarazu mukuwareru ( the scandal shit was from 6 years ago? anyways?)  and the akb members are the second cutest girl in the class ( sashihara is deifnitely behind the 2nd prettiest girl though) so they’re more friendly/approachable/, the fans supporting the akb girls to grow/become better singers/dancers/variety talent/etc/etc, and the fact that akb48 has grown so much from the day where the theater in akihabara was empty to this huge election…. all in all she’s a fit winner.  as much as i like mayuyu, something about sashihara is winning is so surprising, so surreal, almost moving,,, just because at one point nobody expected her to win. it was comical for people to be like oh what if sasshi becomes number 1 like a year or two ago.  now it’s for reals!

I think  for the last election that maeda participated in she was like i just do not want to lose to sashihara.. 指原だけには負けたくない

haven’t follow akb48 this whole year. I last saw their show akb kyouwakoku in 2011 in november? I like that show and i want to keep watching it but I didn’t have time and I have other shows to catch up on too. I think geinin > akb48 . but that show is interesting and i recommend it . i like the editing and the kiaku how they put the shit together. it’s just funny and fun and I like ariyoshi! I ‘ll finish watching it some day! promise! I saw an episode of bimyo a week ago, it was fun! I lvoe how they sub it in japanese more than other conto shows like red theater ( they just dont’ sub lol) .  I hvae to finish watching that show. t

Japanese related thing

While I was wathing a talk/variety show nonchan said

覆われてる感じ =のんちゃん

oh this was TAIMOU GA NOBINOBI GEININ? is that what they called it? or was it ke ga nobinobi

There were no japanese subs of any kind. I was thinking like I hear the extra o there really clearly and easily. because it’s oOwarete ru kanji. you just extend the o so it’s 2 o’s. i remember in the beginning i had a lot of trouble with it with both hearing and producing myself. I was wondering how do they talk fast with these long /short vowels.. isn’t it too difficult? doesn’t the long vowel become a short vowel? etc etc. I no longer have those kind of doubts or worries. It’s all very clear.

Then I thought of ご覧のスポンサの提供でお送りします
I always wondered if the okuri in okuri shimasu  was o okuri shimasu. I always hear it but I never see it.  I always assumed it was goran no sponsa no teikyou de okurishimasu instead of o okuri shimasu. I did consider the possibility of them sticking o nthe o on the okuri but I was like eh i can’t tell just from listening lol. But now I know after googling and ‘im gonna listen for extended vowel because they don’t say o-okuri shimasu they oooooooooo kurishimasu lol.  In case anyone else was wondering. I always follow along and say it with the commercial lady lol because they say it everyone f’in time!

i finally remembered ご迷惑をおかけした / ご迷惑をおかけしてしまった

because i’ve heard it so many times now lol.  I know what it means and everything and the nuances but i was always like if i had to produce this i wouldn’t be able to . the go and the o + suru throws me off like is it wrong if i say go meiwaku wo o kaketa and i might forget the o or the go. i also find it strange to say go -meiwaku just because of go is called/described in english. like why the hell would you want to “beautify” that word. but anyways i’ll read about the explanationlater.

Bt minegishi, Komori jun, nakashima kazuko? I like her a lot and im just not sure Abt her first name, and possibly yaguchi in the future. I’ve heard a shit load of go meiwaku wo o kake shite blah blah blah.
also お騒がせ させてしまって threw me off too because it’s o and the sase conjugation twice in a row. i was like wtf so i just aded to my anki deck with the mcd format.




this one i’ve had it down for some time. the thing with these kind of phrases or whatever is that it’s a set phrase so you should remember it syllable per syllable. i don’t really make my self memorize so i just let the instances i come across it to help it solidify it in my head to the point where i know i can produce the phrase perfectly (every single syllable).

ooh i found some interesting sites when i googled 心からお祈り申し上げます with quotes. like there’s a site that has a list of set expressions like thesse. i love these kind of expressions. it just sounds so pleasant compared to tameguchi or just plain teineigo.  gotta check those out to read those out aloud. of course not i’m gonna memorize ’em lol. lol this site is hilarious! and this is why reading japanese is hard lol (doesn’t mean my japanese sucks, i just don’t read/write many japanese letters). i can make guesses and they or may not be right, the onten i guess on might be right or not…. letter japanese is just whole another world of japanese…. lol.

AND OMGS I gotta watch the PV/any live performances/ any new interviews with MISS SHIINA RINGO!. I love her new song. it’s so like her…..

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