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ブラマヨとゆかいな仲間たち hanasankai!

Posted in language learning by choronghi on May 11, 2013

https://i1.wp.com/imageshack.us/a/img221/7500/hanasannkai.png<- hanasankai

I wish the vid quality was higher so you can see the look on kosugi and that other geinin’s face… everyone’s just laughing hystericaly because yoshida just said an absolutely brilliant metaphor.

i SAW the hanasankai ( I love dejare… puns) part 2 because I noticed I saw part 1 and part 3 only. there was a moment where yoshida says something and i didn’t understand what he said.

I knew all the words and all the meanings of the words and i’m familiar with them i just didn’t connect the dots lol. moments like this i’m like sigh i’m not fluent. it does suck not being fluent lol since everyone knows how awesome being fluent is but I am proud of what i’ve reached thus far.

Anyways I’ll write down this example.
So the whole episode revolved around BUSAIKU GEININ VS IKEMEN GEININ. if you don’t know what busaiku and ikemen mean, you need to get in contact with real japanese more… A LOT MORE. surely they must talk about these words in textbooks too?? busu is a pretty popular word lol. speaking of which IT’S SO funny and so real? so fake? whenever  ariyoshi’s gets soeone on shinro soudan to deprecate themselves like the most recent onne was noro kayo ( love the girl). she was like i’m ugly, im’ fat, my personality is horrible lol. The look on everyone’s face the moment she said it was just PRICESLESS. this is why japaanese tv is so kickass….

So back to the ep, they had 4 ugly geinin and 4 good -lookin’ geinin
of course both sides are bitchin with the nuh-uh JUST because we’re ugly/good-loooking blah blahblah. I like the touron themed eps, they’re awesome. So at one point the goood-looking geinin complains and then yoshida says to him ぶつかって替わろうか  or he might have said おもいっきりぶつかって替わろうか. At that moment I was like I don’t undersatnd what he’s saying. But rather than I don’t undersatnd it’s more like I can’t infer the meaning.  There’s A) knowing the words B) knowing how it’s used c) undersatnd how it’s being used d) infer a meaning if it’s being used strangely or whatever whatever.

this is what went down:
yoshida is busaiku if he had to be categorized as ikemen or busaiku.

At first I was like “butsukatte as in yoshida’s gonna hit the good-looking geinin ( since butsukaru means you bump into someone), knock him up and then take his place??” But then I was like that doesn’t make sense since that wouldn’t change the fact that yoshida’s “ugly” if he’s still ugly obviously he’s not taking his spot.  ( he has really bad skin :(google image 吉田 ブラマヨ and you’re in for a shock but you shoudl already know about him he’s one of the most interesting and twisted and negative, and snarky geinin ever! not ever but he’s definitely one of the ones on top. ) .  Then 10 seconds passed by with the video rolling, then i rewound it and i saw the part before, the scene, the part after… and then it clicked what he meant.  Think about it yourself. What do you think he meant? I’m pretty sure what I came up with is correct.


What yoshida meant was for him……………..






and the good-looking geinin to run at each other and knock each other out with the result of them switching bodies. I was thinking like wow that makes complete sense, that’s exactly what he means. It took me longer than a japanese person to understsand/infer what he meant because I’m not fluent but I’m at this level where I can undersatnd and infer but just not as fast or effortlessly. Getting to this step is all fine and good and definitely commendable. I just have to keep sharpening my japanese so I get faster and better at it.  I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to connect the dots here if I didn’t know about that movie that came out in the 80s. maybe this is a cultural thing or a pop culture thing too rather than a fluent thing? somebody tell me which way it is. so in an episode of london hearts with kiseki no ichimi, torii miyuki was talking about her boobs or making some joke about boobs and she mentioned this movie about some boy and girl switching bodies that came out in the 80s. They just gave the title of the movie which is tenkousei and she referenced it but I had to google to find out what the movie’s about etc. I think I saw the trailer on youtube. But basically the way they switch bodies is they fall down a long a long flight of stairs.. i think it’s like stairs made out of stone outside.. maybe it’s at a temple?  The girl and boy hold on to each other as they roll down the stairs.

So I thought this was a great example of how you can know all the words and everything but still may not be able to infer what the person means… that’s why i presonally find fluency or at least native-like level to be very difficult… not difficult as in impossible, difficult as in it’ll take a long time, but by that I don’t mean slaving over textbooks or copying passages from abook, but rather just spending a lot of time with the language and the culture and the pop culture (if it matters to you like the media you enjoy )

oh and i learned this word  from  the show rather effortlessly. so that’s one of the reasons I love immersion. The show is just awesome and I love the hanasankai because geinin are so gooooood at talking. asmuch i like my actors and idols or whatever when it comes down to it, the geinin are the BEST at story-telling, and improv and all that… they’re supposed to be the best at that. Sometimes some of the really untalented idols (the ones that are just “cute” ) really suck at speaking japanese lol… as far as speaking interestingily like geinin.


Besides the context, besides seeing it used, i also saw his body language, he used his hands to show even leveling (he was moving both hands up and down showing that they’re about even… I think it was shinagawa who said it ) . I’m not sure if it’s gion or not and I’m not gonna waste time looking that up but what’s important is i know the meaning and it was just a pleasure watching the show.

oh yeah as of late i notice I really am getting more comfortable  and familar with

temorau and sasetemorau

kiteitadaku kosasete itadaku

goshoukai shimasu

okoshi ni natte orimasu

before I was like yeah i know the meaning the nuance but I was thinking if i had to speak japanese i wouldn’t know if i should do just te-morau or sasete-morau (you know how the MC would say it with temorau and the guest would always say sasete morau stuff like that.. before I couldn’t remember if the mc talks like that or guest talks like that i just knew both had morau lol which doesn’t help with my production lolz.), stick the o or go, don’t stick the o or go. stuff like that. but now it’s pretty clear 🙂 So the key is one do your resesarch and find out … google around about it in japanese and two to keep immersing. I remember when I didn’t get the difference to the point of me being able to produce japanese with those forms I thought I wouldn’t never get it… I’m glad I got it now 🙂


this is so funny.. their laughter is not exaggerated or anything. it’s just that funny 🙂 I hate in how in korean tlak/variety they clap really loud (do they clap into the mike or does the mike go in to pick up the sound or do they just clap loud… it’s just so damn loud) laugh really loud,  ridiculously goofy f(x), have wacky sound effects, show that unfunnny thing 5 x times over and over again…. even if it’s that funny all that stuff I mentioned kills it. and if it’s not funny or not that funny (usualy it’s this) it just pisses me off.  the clapping thing’s really annoying like i noticed kpop stars doing that on japanese shows i’m like… ugh stpo it this is japanese tv and that wans’t that funny lol.


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