omg wtf

so I was dling my music off clubbos and i see this ad

so first of all i think the girls in the ad girl look mad unnatural . i think they look scary, not pretty. i actually hate how the plastic surgery is making people’s faces look the same. there’s no …. indivduality?  are the two girls in the ad two different people or the same person with different hairstyles? that right tells you this is a problem lol.

i think the ad is ridiculous. they’re like EYE RHINO FULL FACE FAT . GET 3 PLACES DONE AT ONCE.

so onethe bottom like any ad they put in all the risks.

side effects (?? the word for side effect in japanese means other stuff too.. so what would you translate it to? or are these considered side effects. i feel like there’s a better word) includes inflammation, nerve damage,bleeding

the good news : i recognized all the kango! yays! lol

oh and i personally like the ads where they hvae comparison photos, much more than this lol. this ad is just creepy and like i said are they 2 diff people or NOT.  is this literally a legitimate place? i don’t care enough to search for it.

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