Firstly, a Japanese phrase that stood out to me a couple months ago…
次のナンバー・ワンを見つけてもらうしかないです! (from gingham check MUSIC VIDEO by AKB48)
When I heard it I thought I would never output that in Japanese because of the morau part. I know what it means and I know what nuance it imparts on the sentence as opposed to if she just said 次のナンバー・ワンを見つけるしかないです!
Now that i think about it the first one sounds more natural but I don’t know if it’s because i know that’s what she used or i just really do feel that way.
So Japan is known for blogs. I believe they’re number 1 with the number of blogs.
Most of them are boring, whether the person is famous or not. the entries are like 3 sentences max and it’s about food or some mundane crap. I mean it’s not surprising that blogs are mundane since it’s like a diary. i guess if you read japanese blogs nonstop you’ll have no problem speaking boring japanese about boring everyday mundane crap…. you still gotta learn that but i wouldn’t learn it like that.
So in this entry I’m going to recommend some interesting blogs that I came across on the interwebs as well as interesting incidents involving blogs. As for the boring blogs, you don’t need anyone’s help to find that. People say oh i’m leraning japanese i guess reading blogs would be helpful since it’s every day language and blahblah but the problem is some of their boring, they tend to be short, they lack vocabulary, it’s just the same boring sentences about everyday life situations over and over (but obviously you do want to learn this and you mimic to the point where you’re not mimicking but it’s just ingrained in you so in that way i guess it’s good but it’s such a boring way lol. I think you’re better off with talk/variety shows). I just notice on blogs written in english tend to be written well… or at least in an interesting manner with all the works but most japanese blogs do not have that going on whatsoever.
So first I’ll mention all the interesting incidents involving blogs that I remember off my head right now. NEXT I will recommend blogs in japanese that I ACTUALLY find interesting ( it’s like a miracle)
One of the plans on the show shuukan AKB which means weekly AKB was for sashihara to update her blog a lot to show that she cares about her fan and she’s like “頑張ってる”. So the first time they did it, she updated 100 times in one day and then the second time they did it, she updated the blog 200 times.  I think she only used her cellphone to write her blog. actually that is probably the reason why blogs are so popular in japanese because anyone can write from their phone. it’s also another reason why keitai shousetsu exist. I remember seeing them mention keitai shousetsu (clelphone novels) on the tv in america and I was like oh that sounds so cool. At that time I didn’t know japanese and I just assumed the people writing the keitai shousetsu were smart for some reason. I think it’s just because japan is known for high math/science scores or whatever on an international level . I’m always curious how it is among china/japan/korea since we obssessed with education. ANYWAYS now-a-days I know about Japan and it doesn’t faze me at all and I know that japan is like any country there are dumb people and smart people. and let me just say probably all or majority of the keitai shousetsi authors are not very smart nor very good writers nor are they good at japanese/japanes grammar but maybe they are smart since they made money $$… hell some of them even led to jdramas and jmovies  (though I do not know of any that are actually good. I actualyly watched one of them which was tenshi no koi starring sasaki  nozomi who i like because she’s pretty but she can’t act AND tanihara shousuke whos’ like awesome with the acting. the movie was sorta entertaining, terrible in many ways and of course it had way too many plots going on… it’s almost like who can actually act that out… it’s too much crap going on) . BTW the amazon reviews on keitai shousetsu are rather hilarious so check that out INSTEAD OF cellphone novels! some are sarcastic, some are really ,mean, they’re just awesome.
Anyways since japansese blogs are like 3 sentences per entry, it wasnt that terribly difficult for sashi … if it was for an english blog that’s impossible because usually those are at least a couple paragraphs per entry.  So she just spent the 24 hours searching for blog entry topics and taking pictures with her phone etc etc
so they were saying beause of her hardwork with updating the blog maybe she won over fans and got their votes for the akb election. I was like eh… recently i was so disappointed with kasai so disappointed yet it’s so akb-like. the ichiman setsuyaku seikatsu crap with ougon densetsu . btw one of the people that was on that show committed suicide. i could tell when she wasn’t on that show that she wasn’t very mentally strong. the scene was like omg what if kasuga is spying on me. it’s like wtf? everyone was like rolling her eyes at her with that scene. omg maybe rolling your eyes at someone is sorta similar to the word donbiki in japanese. eh similar, not equivalent.
but there have been hilarious incidents because of blogs. by hilarious I mostly mean ブログ炎上。 i wonder if the word was created because of the english interenet phrase flaming or they just came to that wording themselves.
Hilarious incidents ” 
a lot of the geinin/idols especially etc have blogs but sometimes they don’t but the people who are watching the TV still want to flame so…… here’s  an example
gekidan hitori ( love him and his name is mad strange) put a k-on doll/figure in his mouth for laughs on TV. but…. the k-on fans were pissssssssssed so they wanted to flame him on his blog but he doesn’t have one. so what they did was flame his wife’s blog lol… who is oozawa akane (she’s learning korean.. .they both love kpop btw)
Debu fujin:  speaking of ijime I loved what koriki said about it…
First of, I was shocked by that bullying story in ootushi town. I headed over to her blog because it was ranked on girlsreader.com …. she wrote about it and I loved what she wrote. It was engaging to read just because she expressed everything I felt but can’t express bc my japaense isn’t as good as hers… it’s like a catharsis that she gives me. what she wrote is so true and we all feel angry and sad. glad to know thre’s people that care. what the issue was that she put up the photos of the people involved  and their real names.
KY incident. ky means kuuki yomenai and kamiji yuusuke’s initials are KY and he had this whole incident with holding event and having people faint from heat exhaustion and how the stuff really f-ed up.   people probably flamed his blog lol . but anyways the reason he surged on the internet was because his apology over that incident on his blog was crappy. people criticized his apology. BTW some shit/scandal ALWAYS happens in geinoukai and the good that comes out it is that us japanese learners can learn some keigo …. the formal japaense they use while they apologize. after a while it’s like omg they saying the same shit for apologizing, i don’t think they mean it lol….  after you hear a bunch of apologies they all sound sorta the same since they all speak formally… there is variety with apologies but i don’t think there’s that many lol.
I remember feeling sad that this happened at this event because he seems like such a nice, good-natured guy. Just reading people’s apologizes after something horrible happens make me feel sad.
AKB48’s Miyazawa Sae’s blog. Well I didn’t know she had a blog but I went to check if she had one once i found that she’s going to shanghai.  so at these kind of times i’m glad blogs are popular in japan just because i can find out from the person themselves. so I was able to read her thoughts about going shanghai…. and it’s so meaningful bc i know it’s from her directly.  also i think maeda atsuko apologized about the butt incident on her blog and i think she closed her blog.
BEFORE I was thinking, i was never going to find interesting japanese blogs bc they’re so boring. but i’ve found some interesting ones! YAY!!
http://ameblo.jp/kayotanp262/ < – intersting stuff, gotta read all of it one of these days
 also there’s more links on the side of my blog.
And apparently these blogs are interesting. I haven’t had tie to take a deeper look.
http://manshukits.exblog.jp/  < – so people were saying that it’s so funny that her blog is so interesting. so she’s a mangaka so she includes pictures . I haven’t chcked it out yet just bc time restraints

北川 景子’s blog I was hmmm i don’t know if iwas surprised by her blog or not. i know in some interview she mentioned authors she really liked so i know she likes to read and i know she goes to or went to college.  her blog is just written properly instead of those blogs with 3 senences and picture of food. not only are those boring, but there’s way too many of those. i don’t think those are blogs going by MY definition of blogs that are written in english.  she writes in pretty/refined/proper japanese as far as i can tell which is more interesting to read than これを食べたよ~~ (insert ugly emoji lol). I’ve gotta check out her blog to see if

her blog became a topic on the internet because she writes so refined unlike usual blogs that are shit . lol.  no seriously, it sounds like somebody wrote it after they got out of japanese 101 but it’s actually a japanese person… there’s just no vocabulary and just not enough to make a paragraph. i understand you can do whatever you want with your blog, that you can write short or long but there’s just so many shit blogs that are written in japanese so i’m just annoyed at that. yeah they’re writing for free or for themselves but why it gotta be so boring.


wow this vid awakened the fujoshi in me. lol. love both these bands. this is hilarious. I love how in the beginning he’s smiling as he sings 10cm’s song… like you could tell that they’re really close or friendly. i feel like the “choregraphy” was spontaneous.

i watched it 10 times so far. i hope to reach 1000 by the end of the year lol. so addictive. also it’s alove song and i haven’t looked at the lyrics to see if it also makes sense with them singing together but that’s also another reason why they’re doing this lol.  I wish there was a higher quality video for obvious reasons but i’m just glad i was able to even see it  since it was taken by a fan at one of their conerts or lives or whatever. should i download it in case the video gets removed? lol.

KOREAN-wise I LOVE THE WAY he says musuhwuh-yo since korean people never say it like that in speech nor sing it like that in song. it’s the opposite intonation or something. little things like that really pleases me. p.s. if you can’t tell the difference then you should  listen to more korean. AKATT all the way!

10cm reminds me of warai conbi ie fruits punch, hannya (I do not find their shit funny whatsoever), shizuru ( I mean these were the ones that were popular like 2 or 3 years ago ? lol…) . i don’t know if there’s 3 members or 2 memebers but it looks like 2. and basically only one of them gets all the attention and the other doens’t. when i think of 10 cm , i think of the lead singer. i don’t even think about the otehr guy that’s always next to him lol.

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