Jero + DOUKA

I was browsing youtube and came aross kara’s drama urakara and jero is on this show! speaking english with nicole!!  this is so random. but his japaense is so good (intonation and all and he also speaks kansai-ben) so when he switched back and forth i was like oooooooh. he has a really nice voice. the way the writer wrote his japanese lines seemed so un-jero lol because it’s so j-drama lol. real people don’t talk like this let alone jero.

Like I mentioned before it’s hard to output japanese because of my fundamental roots in english. one characteristc of japanese is that it’s very vague. That has it’s advantages and disadvantages of course.  One phrase/word that popped in my head recently was  どうか and the phrase  どうかと思います.

On some episode  of arashi no shukudai-kun, the guest happened to like going to the movies so they talked about it. while they were talking the subject of rude movie-goers that talk or chew loudly or whatever. So the guest goes on to say she has actually tried to talk to those loud people and the arashi guys are like omg for reals what’d you say. I don’t remember what she said word for word but at the end of what she said she said どうかと思います. just to make it more clear here are some examples of that phrase via google search + quotations

. 初めましてでこんな事を言ってしまうのもどうかと思いますが

I was thinking it’s so hard to say something to the person in english we don’t have nice vague expressions…. in english you have to say what you have to say with the specificities ie  I don’t remember what that guest said exactly but because she used the word douka she didn’t have to say the word “rude” “inconsiderate” or “loud” etc etc.  douka just makes it an open-ended thing since it’s vague and the person can infer that by douka that this person means that’s f’ed up or whatever.

I think it’s pretty nice since you can avoid saying the actual actual words and i’m sure you can use it many types of situations as a way to express your disapproval etc etc.

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