wonder girls debuting in Japan

saw the japanese v of nobody MV & Yeeun’s japanese was the best out of everyone. I felt the least accent/unusualness when she was singing. I had a feeling she would be the best. some of the other girl’s japanese was realllllly really noticeable with the accent or whatever you called it. For that chinese girl rieum or lieum or something I thought she would be really good or something since her english is good and she speaks korean/chinese/english but her japanese was noticeably weird. I still love her voice though. It sounds boyish / unique/ chill /down to earth

I sorta had high expectations with everyone just because they learned/speak English and Chinese. I thought maybe they’ll pick up intonation and whatnot fast since they know english and chinese and korean. But they’re also debuting in america this year right? the debut album?They should really focus on one of them? Well Japan is well the money’s at for kpop stars. wg definitely deserve a slice of that lol.  I just don’t like the insincere vibe some of the kpop stars have like they debuted in japan and a year or two passed and they still use a translator or a kpop star debuted for 5 years and still has a mad thick ass accent/intonation problems/can’t say much. butI know THEY ARE super BUSY to the point of sacrificing sleep and they don’t know the most effective study method or whatever but it doesn’t change the fact that’s how it comes off. well $$$

also saw this:

I Wanna,Take It,Nobody @ JYP Nation In Japan

yeah they are definitely better than the kpop stars who only know korean… with like intonation and whatnot. it’s a definite advantage like for example japanese people use mad english but it’s katakanized.   I don’t know how long they’ve been studying but they’re pretty goood imagine if they actually had time and went to japan full throttle instead of this japan /usa thing.. or are they just releasing the single/album in usa and not really staying in america that long/much. I just know they did for the jonas brothers tour thing.

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