Musings about Japanese

I thought of this like a month ago or months ago.. the use of seru. saseru etc etc.

I was thinking they never say naraseru. I realized the reason is thatTHey just use suru ie


also I realized for

論法 you pronounce it as pou like you pronounce the ha in ronpa as pa.

So I knew ronpa first from honma dekka when yoshida from black mayonnaise used that word. so it’s just really helpful having a deck where  i just test readings and then if i notice patterns it makes it that much easier to remember.  and i don’t know where esle i would come across the word ronpa. I’ve only heard it on honma dekka from yoshida. it’s a fair game word it’s just so far i’ve only heard it on that one instance.

another thing on honma dekka is that epic epic epic blog fight lol. I was so sad becasue I watched that episode like months after that happened. I was just clueless about it. I loled when kadokura called sawaguchi as the noukakgaku no hito (the brain science person)  on his blog even though there’s no point doing that since there’s only one noukagaku hito on honma dekka.  It got even more exciting because kadokura came back to honma dekka after quitting as a jinsei soudan guest~

I remember when I first studied japaneses I didn’t qutie grasp the concept of learning a language like how it makes most sense to learn japanese in a japanese thinking way (ie tae kim) or that learning common stuff is first and foremost. for example one of the reasons I can remember/recall/use japanese grammar that isn’t common is because when I encountered it for the first time I’d never seen it before so just from that THAT grammar point stood out to me and I have some amount of inference that’s it not commonly used from my daily immersion (which is enjoyable BTW). Like for example if you had a list of grammar crap listed in abc order in japanese abc order with common and not so common mixed in and you tried to learn it or memorize it…. I persoanlly find that really inefficient. learning the common stuff makes it so muchhhhhh smooother. so anyways the whole point is … I looked up english words/phrases that I found interesting and wanted to know how to say it in japaense and the thing is they are 2 different languages so what may be common in english may not be in japanese and it’s just a translation via edwict or whatever that is called and maybe there’s a translation that is better than that but at the time i just used that.

so ONE of the words that I really wanted to know was 紆余曲折     うよきょくせつ        turns and twists; ups and downs; meandering; complications;

at that point I understood a bunch of common stuff but there’s still stuff going over my head and i was bored with the common japanese and so I wanted to learn some interesting words. the problem is this word isn’t used that much so it’s like even if i learned it I will most likely not hear it nor read it or come across it. it’s a fair game word. it is used it’s just not as frequently as some other words. So after I learned this word… I did not see it. I felt sad cause it’s like oh but this word is fun somebody use it please! instaed  of saying the same shit over and over again. but anyways it just didn’t happen… I Was exposed to drama and anime and talk/variety shows. BUt finally 3 years later I finally came across a usage of this word and it was on some talk/variety show and also in a book … so I Was happy that somebody used this awesome word lol. But the thing with words is it’s used when it’s the perfect situation and in the two instances i mentioned the use of the that word was perfect/exquisite. My goal with japanese is fluency so me learning this word is no loss to me even if i never came across it till years later. (thoguh there is a small possibility that i heard the word but i didn’t notice/recognize it). but anyways learn common crap first

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