korean talk variety shows

so I love japanese talk variety shows… the ones that I like. there are one that i hate like mecha ike or i hate most of the show or half the show or certain segments of show but for some reason there is a segment that’s really interesting.  like any medium including reality tv shows there are GOOD /BAD AND SHIT but it also depends your personal preferences of course.

So Korean talk variety shows piss me off for various reasons and of course I tried watching them since I love some japanes shows.

here are some problems and I do acknowledge that some of these problems are also present in japasnese shows but I feel like the kroean shows are worse.. includes

forced laughter/big laughter/over the top laughter – with the clapping and the goofy fx sound effect that adds to the cringing. it’s either not that funny or i don’t undersatnd why it’s that funny so since tehre’s instance where i know what’s going and i find it not that funny i’m just gonna assume for instances where i don’t understand it’s probably the same thing. by all means there are times where it is that funny but for the most part it’s like ….  get over it or edit this crap out. it’s just noisy and annoying listening to people laugh especially when it’s over nothing. Sometimes it’s literally like half the time we’re just watching the people laugh and clap… it’s like ummm can you actually do interesting talk instead of laughing out loud boisterously over anything. for example, those korean idols go on the japanese shows and they clap too much? or clap over nothing? so it’s like… just disruptive. yeah japanese people cla ptoo if it’s funny but it wasn’t that funny so they didn’t.

in japanese shows they do this sometimes too but usually it really is that hilarious so I love laughing out loud with ’em (notice some of the screenshots in my post). while for korean shows it feels like the people  there teogether on the tv are laughing loud together but I can’t join them because i don’t find it as funny… which leads me to look down on them or feel irritated at them. and it’s especially annoying for korean learners cause they think the y’re laughing so loud and all this b.c. it’s so funny and they want to understand but then when do they do understand they realize that they’re just being  loud and obnoxious with laughing even though it’s not even that funny. it’s almost patronizing to korean learners like haha it’s so funny but you don’t understand korean so you don’t get the joke or maybe you do know all the words but you still don’t undersatnd because of the cultural barrier or they are using the other meanings of the word ( suppose there’s a sentence in korean with 5 verbs/nouns and of course some of them have 5 different meanings at least each and in the context everybody knows which respective meanings they’re being used for but let’s say you can’t process as fast as they can since you’re not korean). but i’m telling you, most of the time it’s just not that funny but for some reason they’re laughing hilariously i’m just like… hiku wa 引くわ. of course there are instances where it really it is that funny but it’s so rare lol.

ALSO what they do in japaense shows that is a little irritating is big reaction. some tv tarento like an idol or whatever says something about them that’s a little unusual and then the other tv tarento there react with EHHHHHHHH with big facial expressions and the unusual thing isnt’ that big a deal/most likely is not quirkiy enough to get that much concern from a 3rd-party.. sometimes it is that weird and so the reaction is genuine but sometmes they jsut react that way anyway since it’s tv.

ALSO on korean tv people clap too much when something happen and by funny it’s usually not that funny which pisses me off cause a) it makes it hard to catch whatever it said or said after b) it looks horrible because they’re clapping over nothing c) it’s just noise and annoying d) laughing is enough. let’s move on shall we?

 repetition they repeat a certain scene like 3 to 4 times because it’s so funny or whatever but for me it’s like the first time is enough. they get way to excited about stuff that’s not even anything. ex. somebody tripped, somebody made a certain facial expression. this shit is so minor. once is ENOUGH JUST MOVE ON WITH THE SHOW so that somebody can tell their INTERESTING STORY so i can be entertained/look up words i don’t know. BUT NO THEY HAVE TO WASTE TIME ON THIS SHIT! i usually fast 30 seconds once i start seeing the first repeat.
japanese tv does this as well but not as much korean tv. one example is dame/mote arashi and they showed the arashi meember get dropped into ice cold water from like 5 different camera angles at slow speed over and over and i usualyl fast-forawrd that.  also for dokkiri they do that… but at least for dokkiri there’s a reason
OH WAIT UP !! for japanese tv instead of showing whatever minor crap scene that’s not even that funny over and over and over again they
 just put text at the bottom (with the borders and colors and designs) explaining what just happened in case you didn’t get it or just turned the tv on whatever OR they just make a snide/interesting comment/phrase/yojijukugo/kotowaza/anything about that with the text on the screen OR someone makes an interesting about the situation that just happened and they put what they said on the SCREEN as text. That’s fine and that’s really conducive to language learning…. and gives the people who are on the show to actually do their job
VIDEO LETTERS especially to dead people or people who do not live in korea (the point of letters is to send a message to a specific person..). this shit pisses me off so much. they’re only doing it to make the moment sadder or make the story-teller cry some more or make the story-teller cry.  I think it’s so dumb and they do this so damn frequently.  if i was a guest i would say NO I’M NOT DOING THIS. THIS SHIT IS DUMB. I REFUSE. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME TO DO THIS. I’M SORRY I REFUSE TO BE A PART OF SHITTY KOREAN TV PRACTICE.
GAME – i do not give a shit about celebs playing some game in some rural area of korea. it’s not fun to watch. their editing is so shitty.. it’s so boring and dragged out. and the talent people seem so KY (kuuki yomenai )  like this japaens person wrote about the show FAMILY and how it sucks
those shows with games is like… it’s not itneresting or fun to the viewer but only fun for the people actualyl playing the game/ actually there.. but they don’t try even slightest to make it more interesting/fun for the viewers with anything ie editingetc etc. it’s just like they expect us to care and find it fun. it’sl ike wtf.  it’s just so dragged out unnecessarily… like the talent people do not undersatnd the concept of tv or something? or rather there are people who actually find this interesting but i really cannot comprehend that lol.  on japansese tv that would never happane the geinin or the tv talent people would realize it’s boring for the viewers so they would end the game instead of dragging it out or the editing people woudl edit the crap out of it but for some reason that’s how it is in korea. I don’t get it. in japanese we call this 寒い さぶい KY =空気読めない ドン引きwhat do you call it in korean? lol.
but you know i did ask a korean person about this and this person finds it funny/interesting ( I  cannot comprehend how bc of the reasons I listed) and they said something about how it’s easy to watch that you could just turn your brain off blahblhalbah. so there are people who like this for whatever reason. it’s just NOT FOR ME.
FOOD – i don’t like watching people eat food. period. and it’s like the show is in korea, the people are korean, they’re eating korean food. and they get so excited about it even though it’s common korean food. they get excited common food. if it was some delicacy or osmething fancy/expensive and they’re getting excited over it then it’s somewhat justified but they get excited whether it’s something or not.  But I feel like japanese shows are more known for food  like paying talent to eat food on tv. the thing with the food they show on japanese tv is usually high quality/good material/specal in someway  etc etc so it is sorta interesting in that sense but i don’t want to see talent getting paid to eat that on tv. like it’s so mean to me 😦
BGM /sound effects – I love sound effects on japanese tv. it’s so perfect… mad synergistic!!!  heck, their editing is awesomely fun. ie even sashiko no kuseni had awesome sound effects. korean shsows and chinese shows ‘ bgm are bad obnoxiosu, childish, don’t add to it, makes it hard to undersatnd what they said. and they have stupid cgi animation crap… I’m like the WTF? it’s just NOISY!! NOISE!
and sometimes or maybe all the time the BGM or the SOUND EFFECt is DAMN LOUD! you know how if you watch tv and then the commercial starts playign you gotta either mute it or turn the volume down by like 20 bars. it’s like that bad but it’s throughout the show so it’s really annoying like that.  I really love the exquisiteness of the use of sound in japanese talk/variety… that’s why i really am so frikin’ annoyed with the obnoxious crap they do in korean/talk variety shows.  of cours enot all korean talk/variety are like that but when it is like that it’s just so damn annoying.
I also hate how korean tv text on the screen is small compared to japanese shows (it’s a personal thing some people prefer no text on the screen whatsoever)… like parts where people talk in the japanese show they’ll likedo the text wtih the border. in a korean show they do the 50% transparent box thing with white korean text inside of it and the font size is mad small. of course it’s not always like this but for the most part it’s like this. and i’m just like it makes it hard to read.
instead of just bitching and whining I also wanted to mention korean shows I find interesting. though i must say i may fast-forward certain parts or will most likely skip some eps depending on the guest or theme
so for these shows I onyl saw the ep with the wonder girls so that’s the disclaimer. it was on youtube in high qualtiy 🙂
My thing with shows is i like the ones where they have interesting talking and no playing around about stupid crap that the viewer cannot find interesting in the least. so I like these shows because they keep the CRAP I mentioned above to  a minimum 🙂 unfrotunately I don’t know when i’ll watch them… there are some guests on the shows that i’m itnersetd in so i definitely see it someday but right now I’m like JAPAENSE SHOW!! Because I’ve branched out to MCD cards watching japaense shows isn’t a compelte waste of time (where i understand 97% of what they say lol… )
here’s my spiel on  MCD
I either kill a part of the word, the whole verb, or a whole phrase.
front: _そる
back : そそる
ある感情・行動を起こさせるfront: その音に    た__られるように
back: その音にたぐられるようにぐぐぐぐぐ (this one I didn’t put the definition because i have the definition in my sentence deck and i alrdy know the definiton)from TV:
example of me emptying out a whole phrase is there tooo
the screenshot got cut off. if anyone’s curious the blank is から。So it’s 生活から悟れ
Like the person said… putting it in arbitrarily is mad time-consuming . I know for some of these cards… it might seem a little extreme blanking out a whole phrase or blanking some random word or part of the word and whatnot but it wasn’t hard to remember because I saw the TV show ( I liked it/I was engaged while watching it…). In general, your deck shouldn’t be full of arbitrarily crap.. but for this format especially…  you should only put in crap you are interested in.

이야기쇼 두드림  – I only saw the wonder girls ep but if the format is this I like it. basically each wonder girls memeber told a story about themselves that fit into this show or that episode’s theme. \It was just interesting hearing about their lives and how they felt and whatnot. I love hearing interesting talk.. that’s what i love about japanese tv.

인생  = star life theater – I just find it fascinating seeing the lives of famous people…. they have it very hard too so it’s obviously not all glamour.Well at least for the wonder girls && ppl in kpop, they’re very hardworking and have sacrificed lots to be where they are. I saw the ep for t-ara, wonder girls, and snsd. I just like watching people WORK HARD. It’s inspiring!!!  those k-pop work their asses off.
dangerous boys with snsdu- i found it watchable.  I did fast-forward boring parts like i remember in one episode they started playing a really pedestrian games i wa sjust like no … I just find the topic interesting with the bad boys since korea is known for studying 24/7 etc. I was curious what the other end of spectrum is.  I love seeing people work hard/grow.
also  loved the episode of 무릎 파도사? with the wonder girls. it was so interesting because they were talking about how hard it was in america that nobody knew about them or cared about them and the jonas brothers concert and all that.  they really did go through hard times which i could totally predict just because there’s the culture shock and i know they’re not exactly most appealing to americans. like one of the girls even said the audience was just so bored with us at the jonas concert. that’s reality. when  iwatch stuff like this i’m glad i’m learning korean. when i watch annoying obnoxious noise korean shows i get annoyed and stressed lol. the episode with jackie chan wasn’t that interesting (he was in that womb for 12 months yo!)… maybe it was because it was mad subbed and i just hate the mc lolz. the epiosde with kusanagi was so boring too . the stuff kusanagi was saying is just so boring and how are korean people supposed to care????????? and if you were to compare his level of talk in that show against japanese tv show standard… it’s like 1/10. it’s just no… BORING! but anyways I totally recommend the wonder girls ep if it interests you, if you’re american, etc,etc.  I just love hearing people talk about working hard and overcoming adversities and all that stuff. i love hearing that stuff. that’s what i love japanese and korean tv.
스페이스 공감 – this show.. I ‘ve only seen the performance part but they have some awesome artists on it. ALSO they put little blurbs in the middle of the performance about the song I believe, so that’s really awesome. not only you get to see the live performance of a song you love, you also get to find out about the song. now, I don’t know if the information they’re putting in the blurb is readily accessible as in it’s posted on wikipedia or whatever but anyways it’s like you can look up words in that blurb to put into your srs + find out about the song.  it’s totally perfect if you like/love the song.  I must say just from what i’ve seen on youtube there’s a lot of performances on that show that pique my interest. for examples, i gotta go do this with crystal rain’s songs.  unfortunately I can’t get her first album so I can only hear it on youtube 😦 but Igot her second album on japkorchi/or some other blog.
hello. korea citizens  – anneunhaseyo blahblahblah  – I saw the  ep with the wonder girls. the show itself is interesting becasue it’s about people with problems and they decide on the show whether that’s a serious problem or not and the problems they have are itneresting… sometimes sad… sometimes funny.
승승장구  – I saw the episode with IU  – I was so surprised that a kroean show could be so watchable and peple actually talk without goofing about stupid shti that’s not interesting nor funny. it reminded me of a japaens show.. .it was just so watchable 🙂  iu is just interesting in general so as far as the taylor swift comparisons… taylor swift is boring and she’ll probably never reach the emotion level that iu reached in the song mia which she sang when she was 15. basically there’s no point comparing iu and taylor swift. iu is just interesting. my problem with iu is thatsome of her songs are transparent/boring/thin but some are goood.

유스케 – sketchbook show. some of the interviews are interesting and some good performancesas well . they have mainstream and indie people on it so i don’t see why you can’t see an artist you like on this show.

Some interesting stuff you might get from interviews from this show you might not get from others is the artist talking about the song they will perform or just performed like they’ll talk about how they went about making that song or who was involved. there’s always some interesting back-story that needs to be told and i enjoy hearing it because I love the song so i’d love to know what went into making it. They don’t sub it that much (I mean the korean subs)  so you’ll most likely have to ask someone like I ask people on chiebukuro…

AND ONE LAST SHOW I just forgot to mention becuase I’ve already mentioned it many times.. IMMORTAL SONG 불후의명곡
 I DON’T CARE for the talk/variety portion with the poeple in the waiting rooom for the most part. sometimes the back and forth banter whatever in the waiting room is interesting .. sometie sit’s no interesting and sometimes it’s annoying. I do usually care about the talking the artist does before they go on stage or at least that footage they show and the tlaking after the voting because you get to see the original singer talk about the song or the performance or whatever. usually the person is usually really nice and compliment even if it’s not that good? i have seen the legend or whatever criticize like this lady critized lyn for not going all out toward sthe end of the as she the legend expected. BUT ANYWAYS I watch it for the  SINGING/PERFORMANCE! there’s so many awesome people on the show including kpop that surprised and kpop people that were just as bad if not worse than i predicted. for a few starters check out
hyorin, ali and ailee. for male people 홍경민, k. will, 신용재 , jay park.
i think ali won the most?????? i don’t remember. you can check the wiki page. this show just proves american idol sucks.
BEATLES CODE – I find this show unwatchable lol. It’s just so boring and they keep doing fxs over and over. they beat our heads all this crap with bgm and sound effects and fxs and whatever. they usually have one guest that everyone cares about and this other guest that nobody cares about lol… why??  but anyways recently i saw the episode with t-ara which i found watchable and enjoyable to watch lol . It was the second half of the 40 minutes. so irecommend those 20 minutes about t-ara if you want to hear about drama in the kpop world lol. But seriously, those girls are so frikin’ immature and childish. i do not understand what is wrong with that girl…. it’s so petty and dumb.. seriously twitter? twitter?? like someone grow some balls.
the snsd ep was unwatchable lol. they just talk about boring shit and then the effects just drive me insaneeeeeeeeeeee. like isaid it’s shit that japanese talk/variety show either avoid or edit out.. in korean shows they proactively/assertively do the stuff that japanese talk/variety avoid or edit out ! like wtf!
I want to watch more of this show at least this ep
글로벌 성공시대 . I love hearing people talk about this they really really feel passionate about.
omg i found it on baykorean!
TVN 현장 토크쇼 TAXI – I saw the ep with jessica from snsd IT was interesting. I’m realy interested in seeing the ep with SAYURI that japanese tv talent in korea and i started watching the ep with jay park. so they put famous in the cars and they talk to them lol.
이영돈 PD 논리로 풀다 – this is a documentary/educational type of show. it would be under the category of 시사 교육.  I think those types of shows hold more promise than talk/variety 오락 just because japanese shows are so much better when it comes to talk/variety just from the editing/special fx/post production perspective…. there’s just such thing as geinin i n  korea. they have gagman which sounds lame and it really as lame as it sounds? i found a couple chill ones but none of them are anywehere near japanesegeinin level.  i feel bad for the gagman too because they are sorta gagged and more limited than the japaneses geinin just becaues korea is so clean which is good and bad.
BUT ANYWAYS coming back from the digressions.  i am watching the ep about plastic surgery addiction, video game addiction. i just find those topics interesting and they really are prevalent in korea especially…. of course i can learn from watching it by looking up crap on lingoes as i watch. they do have unbelievably boring documentaries (is it called a documentary…. whenever they just show us lives of people) they air in korea like they’ll just shoot an old couple who farm in some really rural area and they’ll talk to each other in this god-awful hillbilly korean dialect ( i say god awful because I think it sounds relaly annoying and uneducated. now that’s just how i perceive/feel it… as to whether or not they really are uneducated i wouldn’t know because korena ain’t fluent)…. and that’ll be the whole documentary just showing them do mundane crap and talking to each other about mundane crap that is actually hard to undersatnd becuase of their dialect thing. i personally find that boring as hell but seeing as they aired it and they have documentaries like that there must be a demand for it from somebody. but i personally i find it so pointless to watch and just boring as hell.
 컬투의 베란다쇼 saw the ep with the smartphone addicion. it’s  good.  I like it. immma chek out other eps with INTERESTING topics like violent teachers lol. true story…. in korea. at the end of the episode they showed htis quote by albert einstein i was like OMG i have to read his other quotes or some shit.

성공시대 – saw the ep  with the pianist… her french is good! of course… i LIKE these kinds of shows as long as the person’s interesting… I like seeing people who have accomplished a lot or come really far or really really really just work hard (wonder girls included).

Also I also look up famous people that I like or am interested in like gain or ailee or hyorin or ali or  iu
(she’s awesome.  Idon’t know why people compare her taylor swift. she’s a much better singer and she has way more personality) or yoonha whoever  and watch interviews or whatever talk/variety show they’re on. like i said before I have a lot of hate for the stuff they pull in korean/talkvariety shows so if i realize that the show they’re on is one of those shows I just move on !!!
so if you have any shows you’d recommend  to me based on all the stuff i wrote PLEASE DO. but do take into consderation what i wrote. sebakki is no and strong heart is no… there’s intersting’ parts but there’s really annoying parts too! I love hearing interesting stories on strong heart like the one with gain or the members of rainbow or secret? the story about sleepin in the bathroom was hilarious.  I don’t like the sad stories because sometimes it’s just forced. Sometimes it’s well-done. I HATE HATE HATE MAKE A VIDEO LETTER EVEN THOUGH THE PERSON IS DEAD OR LIVES IN ANOTHER COUNTRY BLAHBLAHBLAH lol.  it’s just come on… stupid. they do in this japan too but they do it if there’s any chance of the person to watch it like they won’t make someone do it for someone’s who dead…. seriously wtf.  I LIKE the interesting stories on strong heart. so if a person you like in the korean entertainment industry is on strong heart I recommend watching it for their interesting story  (and whoever else tells an interesting story in the ep) and fast-forwarding skipping all the bullshit i described above with dancing/singing/old photos/stupid-boring talk from non-famous people (they’re not famous to me lol) whatever other bullshit. or maybe just look for the clips on youtube if they’re not removed… that way you don’t have to fast-forward and you just get to hear the storyyy
 I personally would recommend watching whatever eps that are still on youtube since youtube quality is probably higher than youku/tudou though sometimes the youku/tudou quality is high… the other reason is because it’s easier to rewind on youtube since it’s in parts…. since if you’re tyirng to learn korean it’s sorta important!
I could write a similar entry about japanese talk/variety shows beause they have problems too and stuff that pisses me off including problems that are exclusive to japanese talk/vairety shows ie nudity ie kojima yoshio ie stupid gags etc etc (like japnaese tv is just more freely done and they can have more stuff that wouldn’t be allowed in korea not to say that their television is super porny or anything but sometimes because of that or regardless of that fact japanese tv does some hilarious/amazin/brilliant stuff that i know i’ll never see in korean tv (ame talk etc etc) but korean tv has its own merits so I’m just going to enjoy both for what they offer.   but I feel no impulse to write about that. advantage of korean tv is that it’s very cleannnn so you don’t have to worry about dirtying/desensitizing yourself / people walk in to the room you’re in ask omg wtf you watching (which may happen with japanese shows lol) I already know what I like and i skip those parts in the episode or i just don’t bother with the ep or if i figure out that every ep is like that i don’t watch that show. there’s a lot of them so there’s definitely parts/eps that are of interest to me so for that reason i just enjoy watching them.

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