女優 男優 俳優

correct me if im wrong but the opposite of 女優 is not 男優. I don’t know why or whatever but from my japanese immersion i’ve come to associate danyuu with a male actor in an AV (a porno). that’s what comes up in my head when i hear the word danyuu. the reason I’m writing about this was because I saw ariyoshi’s show… where people live with people that have opposite views on life for however long it takes for both of them to get over it/resolve their differences/make compromises. ex. anally clean person vs really messy person. one of the pairs was an AV actress and a tokyo university student who was in his 20s and he’s a virigin. Nothing dirty happeend lol. IT was just funny when ariyoshi summarized the episode at the end. he was like oh at first something something and now he’s saying he is willing to star in an AV with the girl.

after living with each other for a day or two or a couple? I don’t remember how long they lived together but the girl said to him oh you should get rid of your virginity asap… etc etc. Then she was like we should star in an AV together. It’ll totally sell since we’re on this show and so people will know about it etc etc lol. the guy says no… then he says i’ll probably say yes after 2 days. I think she said danyuu de dete mitari or something along those lines. AT that moment i was like yeah danyuu is just used to describe the “male actors” in AV.

From what I can tell from my immersion if you want to say male actor it’s 俳優. and on a sorta similar note 愛人 is not fiancee.. it means lover as in mistress
許婚     (いいなずけ ) means fiancee though im’ not sure if you can use this word on males because i’ve only seen it used on females in hanazakari no kimtiachi e . From checking the defiition on yahoo jp dic apparently you can use it on male or female.



YAY TO IMMERSION! if you say danyuu people are probably thinking you’re talking about porn but anyways all you hear is haiyuu (on tv articles etc) anyway so i don’t know why anyone would do that.

5 thoughts on “女優 男優 俳優

  1. Rik

    I was reading through your blog looking for Korean resources and found this post that made me curious about the show you mentioned. I love Ariyoshi but I don’t even try to keep track of every show he appears in (he’s everywhere lately lol), so I miss a lot of good stuff. I’d appreciate if you could tell me the title of the show (and eventually other stuff you’d recommend? I like shows like shabekuri, LH, ame talk etc, not so much music/idol stuff).
    Thanks in advance and keep the good work up, I found a lot of useful/interesting stuff on this site 😀


    1. choronghi Post author

      well if you really do want to keep traack I believe wikipedia has a listing. ican’t get enough of him either. sometimes I come across really interesting stuff just on youtube BEFORE the video gets removed like just today i came across ariyoshi appearance on shoba-to (this show is interesting sometimes)

      here’s the link to the toudai thing
      I watched this show on youku i believe. it aired on april 15th and the show’s name is on that page. if you can’t find it search douga.

      I have a long long long long long ass list of shit iwant to watch actually lol. it’s like I don’t have time and my list keeps compiling. I either hear about it through some japanes website/news or I see a low quality clip/whole episode on yotube or I see an interesting thing on youtube on the side and i want to watch later at a higher quality etc etc. i find yt helpful even though stuff gets removed fast lol…. i mean as long as i find out about it.

      also the thing with shows is it depends on the kikaku (plan/theme) of the episode so you use that to decide on whether you like the episode and not whether you like the show (for ex there’s ame talk show eps that are boring but i love that show for its infamous episodes )

      so off the top of my head right now is
      fukaii hanashi, honma dekka, 人志松本の○○な話 (I find yurusenai hanashi and zotto suru hanashi the most interesting. i find yodare no deru hanashi USELESS becasue i don’t lieve in japan and like most people i hate food shows for obvious reasons)

      other random shows
      ひみつの嵐ちゃん – the stuff they aired in 2009 where they had the guests say their impressions of the arashi members. i don’t like the hosueshare crap.

      はねるのトびら10周年スペシャル!! – 11.05.11
      I don’t know if t’s this episode but ther was this episode where each member told their big secrets and it was hilarious

      I hate lincoln in general but ifound this episode interesting リンカーン 持病でガッテ

      you could also chase after tv shows that has talent people you like by looking at wikipedia… like i Love bananaman and ogi yahagi and right now i’m really busy and i can’t watch much japanes/talk variety plus i have other crap i want to watch that’s in korean or english or wathever… but you know their shows will be on wiki so i can check it out later.

      btw no one comments so i wasn’t sure if anyone cared lol but glad u found it interestin’

      if youre really intersted in watching japanese tv shows and u can’t find the vid you can download it most likely via clubbox(I have a post on that) unless it’s really obscure or really old.

      like I did that for the first fukaii hanashi about anime/manga.


      1. choronghi Post author

        I can’t access my long list of to-watch shows since i’m not on my comp but it’s long lol.

        also I ONLY heard about that show because I found out some 2-ch matome page on that probably via girlsreader.com . like that episode was getting attention from people/netizens in china and korea. rather than the episode it was that 1 pair… the toudai student and av star.


      2. Rik

        Thanks for the reply 🙂
        I’ll take a look at the shows you mentioned (I knew about honma dekka already, and I love it lol), and yeah it’s true that for many shows it depends on the kikaku of that particular episode so it’s hard to get an idea by just watching one or two eps. Like with london hearts, the first ep I watched was one of the “idol trap” or “bl@ck mail” series (can’t remember) and I don’t really like that stuff so I stopped checking it, but then I casually came across a 格付け ep and fell in love with the show, same thing with ame talk (a lot more stuff that i don’t like there tho).
        I usually check the shows on d-addicts or youku, I remember reading the post where you linked to some tutorials to register to clubbox, but stuff from korea is so incredibly slow here it gives me an headache, i probably didn’t even try it.
        Since you like ogi yahagi and bananaman I guess you already know about the junk podcasts series right? I listen to those a lot when I’m outside, though I have to limit that because bursting out laughing on the bus tends to draw more attention that I’d like ;p
        I need to catch up with some of your latest posts, I skimmed through the last one about korean talk shows and I can tell we share some of the same frustration lol. The lack of decent shows has actually been holding me back in my korean studies, I find it kinda hard to get motivated and get some good immersion when I know I could be watching japanese shows which I already know that I’ll like (and understand). I guess I’m just being lazy.


      3. choronghi Post author

        I know about their postcasts and I did listen to it for a while a while back for listening hours/comprehension but I think their tv stuff is more interesting & i have lots of japanese shows on que. not to mention I like music so I need lots of time to listen through the korean indie/japanese music stuff so for that reason and the previous reason I don’t listen to podcasts anymore. I just would rather listen to music than podcasts. even though ifound korean shows that are somewhat interesting I still like the japanese shows more and there are lots of japnaes shows I want to watch so it makes it that much more difficult for me lol.

        clubbox speed limit is 50kbs/second and i have to click it many many times to get the program to pop up and get the dl going. so it’s annoying. but if there’s something you REALLY want to watch and it’s not hosted on a video site then it’s really good.


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