Intriguing korean drama

I ran across this Korean drama: 닥치고 꽃미남밴드 (flower band something something) on youtube because of the videos they have on the side that’s supposedly related to videos you’ve watched. It’s quite interesting. I was watching/ignoring it while i was doing my anki reviews. Before I was watching some other korean drama while doing my anki reviews.

I like the show because the people are good looking (everyone looks unique && and no one has that dreaded dreaded japanese haircuts that japanese ikemen have. god those haircuts are terrible… their hair is too dman long damn it!) but not in the plastic surgery way ie… chang gun soku but does anyone think he’s good-looking anyhoo? he looked so much better before the plastic surgery. it’s quite a waste.  I tried to find reviews for this show but I only found a couple which only praised the show. one of the things they praised was the BROMANCE. I WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD to that! the show works for me because repetition is important for learning languages and i don’t mind repeating scenes. this show is just fun.. i don’t care about blahblah that might be unrealistic or whatever… IN FACT the first episode i watched was lke episode 14 … but i don’t care about korean dramas so i can watch it backwards for all i care and i’ll get the same amount of enjoyment lol. So what i did was watch episode 14 then started on episode 1. Apparently this shown isn’t that well-known because dream high2 is/was airing at the same time though from the clips of dream high 2 i’ve seen on yt and the bad stuff i heard about dream high 1… this show is probably better?

only found scripts for the first 3 eps. & 4. I learned a couple words before i found the script anyway but the script makes it easier. Maybe i’ll write a review if and when i finish watching it. OH AND there’s a white guy in it! yay! lol. I’m used to seeing foreigners on japanese tv but not much on korean tv notthat i watch that much korean tv.

SPEAKING Of k-dramas i’m still stuck on episode 11 of secret garden just because  have a shitload of other crap i want to watch/watching and then…. for going through the script to see if there’s anything iwant to leran… i’m at episode 6. so it’s almost been a year since i tried to watch this drama and my understanding of it has of course gone up since that’s inevitably going to happen over this long period of time. i wonder how many years it’ll take for me to finish watching this drama. i just got sick of the drama really quick… a insulting b or a arguing with b… or a and b insulting each other in this long-winded way which is apparently witty and well-written or something but the fact it’s long-winded makes me bored since it is only the 20th or 10th time this kind of scene is happening. like i said, i do fastforward anything with old people etc etc but… i don’t know… it’s not enough to make me watch it as of right now. You can try to make the argument oh well if you’re fluent in korean then you know what they’re saying and you’d find it funny and entertaining and all that… but if i was fluent in korean i would’ve heard so much more bitching and whining up (immersion = fluency rights) to now compared to if i wasn’t … i think i would like the show even less/be less tolerant in all honesty lol… in fact if i was that fluent i would be bored with the writing… probably?   I really think k-dramas can possibly be on-par with american dramas if they made them 10 or 15 minute shorter and cut out the melodrama and and and made the season less than 22 eps, characteres bitched/whined like 90% less, make shit 90% less long-winded, etc etc.

you know long-winded thing reminds me of the downfall of that show house MD. they try to be witty and to be witty SOOOO shit always has to be dragged out and become long-winded when they have conversations where they go back and forth.  but rather than the viewers being amused by this wittieness they just feel irritated and honestly it’s just tiring trying to follow that… and it’s not worth following.. because it’s not that witty. it’s just unnecessarily tiring.

I just don’t like k-dramas. I can’t make myself care. but anyways this k-drama is intriguing to me so hopefulllllllly it’ll be a good 16 ep ride..

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