ANOTHER motivation for KOREAN

OKAY SO I watched this girl’s video and because she was speaking english with an accent I assumed she was korean. Now that I think about it it’s not the typica typical korean accent on the english but you know I just thought accent + content of the video = it must be a korean girl. But then I later found out that she’s actually SingAporean and from the wiki I found out that country has like 4 official languages.  So anyways her korean was pretty good as far as the stress/intonation like she doesn’t have that annoying accent that american/canadian people (the kpop monday people) have but you know she is from singapore and so  maybe there’s no  point saying that. It was just better than I expected… whatever that means.

While she is motivation for learning KOREAN, that white girl onYT however is NOT. I’m talking about that white girl that speaks korean in the most whiney,bitchy way possible and she pauses a bunch and it’s just like no. For some reason I associate her with the lang-8 entry this person wrote. so this person wrote this lang-8 entry in korean cause he/she’s learning korean and he/she wrote it like they were speaking polite korean. there’s differences between polite korean vs. written korean. I would equate writing  a korean entry using ONLY polite korean that is frequently used in ballads and dramas (~~~ 요) instead of written as a gay person writing something in that gay/onee-style  (I know this isn’t a good/fair way to metaphorize it… so if somebody who’s mad GOOD/PROFICIENT in korean and english would like to give me a better metaphor... please tell mE! or if you agree, tell me!) . Written korean is written korean and writing korean in polite-talk form just doesn’t match. It just gives off a horrible vibe. Is it like ue kara mesen 上から目線? It’s just mad unnatural and like ugh. I just hate it.  I mean still … I give her props for studying it for 9 years though it probably equates to at least half the 9 years going by AJATT… well AKATT here. if she drops the whiney/bitchy way of talking, then I ‘m sure more people would write her nice comments. I would be so saddened if she was actually deranged enough to think korean people talk whiney/bitchy 24/7 and/or think that korean people actually find that acceptable.

Like I said before THAT’s the reason I hate korean sometimes lol. people can sound so damn whiney& bitchy in real life and in dramas etc etc (certain drama scenes I have to fastforward irregardless of how well it might be written… it just sounds so annoying…   I think part of it has to do with the fact that I understand english by becoming able to understand english(note this is direct translation from japanese cause I’m too lazy to figure out how to say this more naturally in english) //assimilate myself to the sounds of english I’ve noticed how annoying korean sounds when people argue and bitch and whine …. like I’m less tolerant of the annoying side of korean. K-indie is so nice and soothing to the ears though.

LIKE I wrote in my ABOUT ME SECTION. I wouldn’t have ever attempted to learn Japanese if it wasn’t for applemilk1988 and I would’ve never followed her hilarious e-drama on  if it wasn’t for HER. Speaking of which I love Nick’s english…. it’s very very very fun and stimulating to read and I have to consult urbandictionary constantly lolz… I think it’s good to have rivals (try to pass them ASAP… in this case I passed emily’s level in 1 month with tae kim LOLZ!)  or people you look up to…. just knowing other people that are trying to do the same thing you are. Though this singaporean girl is different from emily because she doesn’t have the irritating/arrogant factor…. but for some reason she catches my eye. Likeable people can be motivational too… not just insufferable people like emily. OMGS you can spell likeable both ways.. likable.


The girl from SNSD. the one with the unique voice. Tiffany I think. She was on episode 5 of strong heart.u So  definitely watch her part for motivation/laughter.   for that show I only like the part where they actually tell interesting stories… IU Performed pretty well on that show  on that airing either at the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012. by perform I mean tell her story.  I really liked her from that and this other talk show that she went on. I really like the korean/japanese talk variety… especially japanese because you get to know the people o nthe TV with their personalities. I usually end up liking( platonically… not romantically lolz including the boy band people like arashi) the people from their personality + voice > appearance. I really like certain people’s voices.

for SNSD I of course like the people based on their personalities which I can tell from when they talk so out of them 9 I like Sunny, sooyoung, hyosun, yoona ( I didn’t like her before but then I grew to like her… like her obnoxious laughter which is like sorta unexpected from her). soo young and hyosoun just because they are the best-talkers right? at least that’s what I get from random clips I’ve seen and that SNSD show with the dangerous boys. I like korean people that are really good at speaking korean. I do not like korean people that are really good at speaking korean yet they just talk in this whiney/bitchy tone or just whine/bitch all the time. But you know I really like CHRISTINA… that crazy italian lady that was on strong heart one time.

P.S. I have to finish watching her videos.. .the Singaporean girl.  AND I don’t know if people notice but in my lang-8 and whatever in general I try to avoid using gairaigo… especially  english ones as much as possible because it’s so badddddddd. some of the words they use/abuse is just horrible. Because I speak english I refuse to use it, unless there really is no way around it. On that same note, I refuse to ever say FIGHTING! or 화이팅 to be more accurate because it’s just retarded from my POV from the same reason as abaove. might as well as something else besides that.

hMM she’s inspiring toooooo

Zainichi girl learning korean. she’s pretty good with her pronunciation  her grandmother speaks mad good japanes elol, for obvious reasons.

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