ikemen desune = bad. gilrmore girls = stress

Uh I saw a clip from the last episode from youtube from one of the people i subscribed to and wow the acting is really bad… It just sounds so fake and i can tell the actors are really embarrassed with these crappy lines and situations…. and it’s just overacting. I wonder if the hana yori dango acting was that bad too??? I remember it was sometimes but i would think the last episode acting is probably better than the last episode of ikemen desune.

But seriously the writing is so bad and ifeel so bad for the actors.

I thought rio or mio or whatever that girl’s name’s actress was good at acting becasue I saw the clip of her singing the song kotoba mo naku… but then in the last episode everything she said sounded so fake… it looked she had 180degree turn in personality… like scary bipolar 180 degree turn…. it’s just not within reasonable bounds. But most importantly FAKE.

kojima’s acting is like typical and like a little over the top…

I really don’t think you need to understand japanese to tell that the acting is bad.

I wasn’t sure whether this drama is good or bad or average but from that clip I would say bad. lol.

I’ve seen the clip of hanazakair kimitachi 2011 with all the scenes with hibari-sama. man I love the way that girl talks… it’s just ufn and pleasant to listen too and she has more hana than everyone put together of course lol.

i’m sad she diddn’t get as much of a bigger par tin that episode. though I do not plan to watch hanazakari 2011…. maybe rewathc hanazakari 20007 someday.

I heard good things about ouran… some bad things too.

out of these 3 very similar dramas I’m going to check out ouran for reals. but if it doesn’t work out then it doesnt.

oh and another horrible drama is gilmore girls

wow this drama is terrible. when it was on he air… I heard about it and i  had classmates who loved it and all that. but i never really paid attention to it. I remember I saw some random episode part on the WB (no longer exists today) and I just thought it was boring. I also saw a random part of the ep on ABC and I watched for like 10 seconds and then ignored it… b.c. it’s boring….

and then i got curious as to what the haters think so i went to imdb and read them. and they kept saying how the dialogue is so annoygin and all that. and  so i got curious and saw clips of season 5 that was in one video and i was like OMG this shit is annnnnnnnnoying. it’s like the most pathetic attempt at being witty. It’s very KY. kuuki yomenai . I am not sure if there are  people who actually talk like that but if i had to be around them my stress would get really high and then i would develop something from the stress. that i can guarantee. my heart rate went up from watching that clip lol. i ‘m not joking. so it really is bad for my health.  It reminded mf o JUNO. And though I’ve only seen parts of that movie on TV I honestly am pretty sure that THAT MOVIE SUCKS BALLS. and so is kNOCKED UP. they both suck sooooo much. JUno is just annoying and she has no brain cells and i hate MICHAEL CERTA. I hate the way he talks.. .I just hate him. I like the guy in the facebook movie but I HATE IMCHAEL CERTa. Like I saw a part of that movie scott pilgrim and I just thought wow if they just had someone else play scott pilgrim… anyone else… i don’t konw frankie muniz… anyone else.. it would be so much better. both these movies are just not funny at all…… unless you really like dumb humor or stuff that tries really hard to come off witty.

I don’t remember who it wa.s.. that classmate that loved this show. but she really loved it. She’s like I LOVE that show. blahblah. But I don’t know what to think of her anymore lol. sorta like people taht watched laguna beach or the hills or whatever the fuck that was and is still on MTV which I think we all know is bad for humanity.

So now I will like AVOID anything those actresses from gilmore girls star in. I just question their sanity playing those characters in that drama for 7 years…….. It’s not like i’ve ever seen anything with those actresses to be hoenst…. like movies etc.  never actually so .. so far so good

But anyways the lesson is just… listen to your instincts because they’re smart and good. if you’re not intersted in it don’t look into it because mostly it’s right.. it doesn’t matter if there are pepople crazy over it…  Just leave crap alone if you’re not interestd becaseu like i said that video clip gave me stress.

THIS IS MUSIC Y;AKK! but seriously I feel like i’ve never heard hikare in a japanese song before. I’m sure we’ve all heard hikari to death but i’ve never really heard anyone say hikatte or hikare in a song but I find it very inspiring lyric and it doesn’t cheesy. (to me at least) I love them. I loved them ever since they releaased that amazing album!!! he’s relaly good at singing (it really just goes against the typical cannot sing to save his or her life japanese singers which includes idols and band people) and i’m not sure how it is when it’s live but hopefully it goes under the amazing section.

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