Random Progress in Korean I noticed…

Okay so korean doesn’t have the kanji… everything is written in hanguel so in that sense it’s harder to figure out what’s what in the first place and whatnot + RIKAI-CHAN cannot save me lol. obviously the advantage is i have no problem reading it.

For Japanese, what happens is I know all the readings of the 2 kanjis that make up the word but I don’t know which they are or I don’t know if there’s onten etc etc… the only I would know is if i heard it somewhere and then remembered or look it up. So in japanese i think it’s better on focusing on what you understand and not what you can read out aloud… after a while it just gets so tedious and pointless past the useful/everyday stuff…. like when i read books (since that’s what you’re supposed to do to improve speaking and vocab and understanding etc tec) plus with speed-reading or just reading faster in general what’s important is the meaning not whether you prnounced it right? but then i was reading something else online (japanese site) abt training brain by reading it aloud but i didn’t feel like reading it thoroughly.

PLUS I was watching a cli pfrom a quiz show and the category was kokugo and couple of questions were stuff in my anki deck and  of course those dumb idol bitches did not get that stuff correct so I’m tinking should i just stay as dumb as idols? lol. but then again mitsuman glove didn’t knwo what omomuro ni meant (he thought it meant the opposite of its actual definition) and he graduated from keiou which everyone also reacts like OOOOOOOOOOOH this peson’s probably really smart since he/she graduated from there. but arent’ a lot of talent people graduated from these… well not a lot but I know a handful. is it really that good? do you have to be that smart? well i don’t feel like researching that but probably ..

But anyways my little progress was with the Drama secret garden.

(I got the scripts for the drama… obviously ‘s why i’m doing the k-drama – for method to get the script go to the thread in koohii on korean resources)

here’s the link to the secret garden korean scripts  that I downloaded from the site that I mentioend in my koohii post on the koohii forum with the thread title korean resources! It’s in docx format. suck that HPW file handling program! no seriouly, people were like oh you can get around hpw by converting it to pdf by going to print on the hpw-file-handling-program but ever since i replaced the harddrive on my computer i cannot do that shite no more lol. so please download up from the sites i mentioned… convert the shit pdf for me and i upload it and link on the koohii forum lol.

I don’t know how good this drama is but I know there’s people who were addicted to it and loved it as with any comedy/romance K-drama. I tried the first 10 minutes of that drama or so and I was like going WTF at some parts cause it’s like I don’t even know how to look up some of the stuff (I just had no idea what IT was ) even with the conjugation stufff I learned from luke park’s guide.I’m thinking why the hell is the dialogue like this… why don’t they make it more clear and less roller coastery.  but now the dialogue is more clear but that complaint still remains for me. watching the first ep second time around the drama seemed more fun … well maybe it’s because  i saw more of it . but I will stop watching it or skip to last episode if it gets bad… no mercy or anything for boring korean dramas 😉 and what I do to learn from drama is the same thing I do with song lyrics with lingoes and if I REALLY CARE about that line then I’ll attempt to look it up on google translate – j-k (has not happened yet).

there’s one part they used the word 融通性 – WHATEVR the korean version is i don’t remember but it sounds similar (well if you’re used to korean and japanese lol) so even without looking at the script I was like oh she said yuuzuusei in korean . that plus the context. i mean i guess if the word if close enough to japanese it i would have this connection . in that moment i felt like if i watched more k-dramas my korean would get better (b.c. it’s like context + word that sounds similar to j. version) but i really dont like k-dramas (as far as i know). i mean so far this drama is okay/somewhat interesting. I know I dropped full house after 2 eps becaue the way ep2 ended was gay( the main girl is annoying and i wasn’t falling head over heels over bi.) and the same game thing happened in hana yori dango too but for that I waited a whole week to watch the next ep  instead of stopping my watching…

so watching the 1st ep second time around a lot of  stuff became more clear and obvious now…

about a month passed since my first viewing (of the first 10 minuets). I just basically forgot about it for a month. What I did between then and now was read korean books (well obviously parts/pages of books that look interesting and not the whole books)/news articles and look up everything or almost everything and go damn I shoulda recognized that since it’s like similar to Japanese with the kango (kanji words)  and made flash cards for words that seemed more common useful compared to the rest of the words i looked up  (doing my manual srs since I don’t want to stare at the computer screen for that crap unless it’s japanese because hand-writing korean is less time consuming than japanese for obvious reasons) ++ luke park’s grammar thing and more… The reason I did the articles and books is like I said before I cannot stand the talk/variety shows since they don’t talk enough lol. seriously i don’t need to see DANCING OR SINGING OR EATING or whateerother crap that does NOT involve telling interesting stories. and i’d just rather watch the japanese talk/variety – i love their profuse usage of kanji . but serisuly if ther’s anythign like zotto suru hanashi in korean tv TELL ME! But I found a site with korean shows soI’m sure I can find an educational/stimulating show I like…….

from the reading besides the vocab and whatnot if just helps me figure out what’s going on in the overall picture more since there is no kanji to separate anything/help make sense of anything with the verbs and nouns and all that shit so you can actually figure out what the hell should be looked up.

The next step is to go K->K which would be lovely but I want to get more used to korean before. but it might be less efficient if like the dictionary site online is laggy as compared to lingoes which doesn’t lag obviously since it’s on the computer .. but there’s no k-k for lingoes last time I checked.

little tidbit on japanese and the state of anime: um… yeah i stopped watching after 2007 or something. 2006 was fun 🙂 but then as of now it’s like complete crap with shitty characters, horrible animation (in the sense that i see the picture of the show and i can tell it’s crap plus just the laziness with animation with some of the shows but then again i wouldn’t know since istopped watching) and lots of OTAKU PANDERING. so anyways I was on youtube watching my japanese talk/varitey shows and ao no exorcist was like in the top entertainment or comedy video  (that section) so I saw a little bit of it just to see how the low the state of anime is right now. I only saw a few minutes or less but they rubbed me the wrong way . the dialogue was just annoying. It’s just unnecessarily dragged out and umimaginative/boring. it was the scene where the teacher was like saying I’m the teacher blahblah and then the main protagonist goes what? you’re the same age as us etc etc. the reactions they did with the main character over thing that was so bland and tired and draggy and pointless to me.  It’s not enough for me to judge or the show or hate on it but just from that dialogue I felt irritated at it and I felt no value of watching it at all. i’m sure there’s negative reviews MAL explaning stuff more thouroughly but I can just tell just from this scene/dialogue.

and then I was curious about ano hi mita hana~~ and so I read some neg reviews and then I was just curious what it looks like so I just ran some video stream site  with the sound off and MY initial reaction was “this show is unwatchable/ there’s a 99% chance I don’t like it. besides that lame white haired loli + lame guy with red shirt… just from the animation I could just tell this show is not worth watching…. I can’t explain it. I had the same thing with naruto… I can’t stand those colors. Maybe it’s all becasue I’m super apathetic to anime after 2006. For ano hi mita…I can just tell the crappiness or the nothingness of the characteesr from the animation… one of the biggesyot reasons anime is so shtity now a days is that the characters are so shitty…. they just don’t have anything that gives them anything that’s worth so if you have shitty characters you’re not going to get any chemistry… interesting character interactions which was so awesome about dash kappei or slayers next etc etc. that’s why it’s so unwatchable. also, I cannot believe people actually obsesss over k-on characters… I don’t even have an ounce of anything to care about them enough to remember any  of their names not that I’ve seen that anime nor will i ever wach it unless somebody made me watch it lol. they’re really shitty and crappy as anyone tell… but yo know if moe is enough go ahead… you know they uesd to develop characters, give them ddepth/history/character design/ chemistry between the characters…. so much soullessness nowadays or rather i don’t know bc i don’t watch it. thank god!

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