Learning Korean from Korean Music

Music is a good way to learn… I would know since I did this with Japanese with lots and lots of songs. I think it’s especially easy bc of rikai-chan. you know trying to keep it fun and learn some common and useful words and conjuations/pronounciation

In fact I abused… I mean used music to learn to read the hirgana and the kanji and katakana…. even if i don’t know the meaning ( though i probably knew b.c. of rikai-chan and tae kim). So you could do it for basic stuff to just like reading something meaningful to you. In fact I did it when I read really slowww I mean I would listen to a slow song … slow song and I would literally pause it every 3 seconds b.c. i read so slow but now I read so fast (I read my Japanese books and the internet and all that)… and I’m glad I learned to read (at least to a decent speed by music and the rest by internet article and books and all that fun stuff) by music since it’s fun as compared to some quizzing program online or whatever… I do NOT UNDERSTAND why ppl do that. this is what music for j/k 。。。 It would definitely work for korean too 🙂

As far as how to do it with the resources/websites and everything:

Since this is korean and not Japanese there’s no rikai-chan BUT you can still do it.

I use Japanese to learn Korean which is really working out well… and if you’re doing it like me then Google Translate is really helpful. I’m not sure how helpful it is for English/korean.

Also I use the lingoes dictionary

http://www.lingoes.net/ It has this option where you double click the mouse on the word and it shows you the definition and they have j-K dictionaries as well as K-E.

To set it up it took me a while… I think is the end I just went to configuration -> text capture set to mouse-over + control (checked) +  Match phrase is checked ++ checked for double clicking.


(For this I had to unconjugate 바라고which is like really easy.)

The only pain is it doesn’t know how to conjugate for its life…. well it doesn’t do it for your or tell you in what form the verb is conjugated like rikai-chan does… so learn this on your own (via  awesome grammar guide made by korean person) or ask a korean person or ask ppl online. I would do some kind of pre-studying with verb conjugations so you don’t go WTF like every 5 seconds with the songs lyrics but not to the point of  complete boredom/grinding it into your head…. I guess just enough so you can un-conjugate and/or look up the word or enough to know where to look up in the guide to unconjugate it lol) If you unconjugate it it will tell you what it means or if you just open the lingoes dictionary and paste the conjugated verb and erase it lettter by letter you might still find it?

You can also use online dictionaries like NAVER  BUt it loads really slow and the lingoes dictionary file for J-K anyway is based on the Naver dictionary

Also Stuff in this thread might be helpful.

Anyways I’m doing songs to learn all the common words in songs as well as any other vocab I can gain…. hopefully usseful since I’m fine with the grammar as far as undersatnding since my goal is 90% understanding which seems impossible right now. AKATT!!

Here’s a list of songs I’ve done and I recommend if you wanted to learn through music. all the songs I’ve listed are all just really good and makes me want to start singing along and are not too hard to sing along when compared to other songs. They’re all K-indie most likely. I think if you do Kpop music eventually you’ll be like the lyrics are so boring they keep saying the same thing over and over, plus really cheesy, and they keep putting in weird engrish. I mean if you like Kpop songs then go for it… I’m not really into it so.

Search in google with song title + 가사  or song title +가사집 or song title artist + gasa/gasajip

if you still can’t find it then comment and I’ll give you the lyrics… like I said I alrdy did these songs so I definitely found the lyrics somewhere online.


앵콜요청금지  by brocooli something (forgot the band’s name but I won’t forget some of their songs)

기다리다 by 윤하

별, 열일곱의 너에게 By Nastyona

달을 삼킨 소년 by Rune

곁에 by Zitten, Also the songs December and Zoo (동물원)

잔혹한 여행 by 한희정

Paisley Love by 이지형

Everything N’nothing by Melody | ALSO::  You, sad melody, crazy

Let Go by Microkid
yesterday by Taru | ALSO: don’t let me down

stardust by W-Whale

2NE1 – 아파, lonely

10cm 죽네


I’m not linking youtube since videos get removed and stuff is time consuming not to mention I have the mp3s… so i don’t need yt for these songs UNLESS it’s some awesome live performance 🙂

I will update with more songs as I go through more songs. I was gonna do korean shows but I realize I like Japanese TV too much and I have lots of Japanese to watch and I honestly don’t have any korean shows Iparticularly like that much at this point. I hate sebakki/gam shinjang/1박2일.. well not hate but I don’t get what the fuss is about and it’s like not for me. I mean sometimes gam shinjang is interesting and same with 1박2일 but it’s like NEVER with sebakki. I HATE HATE HATE it when they make people sing/dance/or play a game (and it’s like boring as hell watching) and the bgm. I have lots of korean music I love so I’m gonna focus on what I love/enjoy doing for now.

I am interested in the show where they have like 100 women from different countries who all speak korean but I’m scared I might learn bad habits…  since they’re foreigners though I could tell that some of them  speak awesome fluent korean. oh but I don’t know what the show is called in korean. . I know what they call it in japanese but I can’t seem to find it no matter how much korean and Japanese I mix in in the google lol but I think someoen wrote about this in their liveournal entry so if i go to that then i can find out. I’m thinking of watching this later on.

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