I went insane… over the word

tortoise yesterday. omg for some reason i just could not remember how to pronounce it… tor”toy”se? tor”doy”se? actually i just listened to the correct prnouncation on m-w.com just a few minutes ago and i just forgot it again. anyways the correct prnounciation is

\ˈtȯr-təs\ =  tordis

Well you know when you learn one language it makes you forget the other language. I’m generally a good speller with english even now… when i’m reading more Japanese than english (or at least trying to). For tortoise I know how to spell it but.. I just could not remember the pronunciation (usually it’s the opposite? well for the little kids or the idiots whatevers) . but seriously the people who only knew english yet couldn’t spell pissed me off. if that’s the only language you know at least be good at it. it’s not even i mean perfect spelling it was just like pace-palm/learn to spell damnnit annoying type can’t spell category.  the spelling just could not help at triggering the memory lock or whatever to the pronunciation. I am pleased with my progression in Japanese  so far and i do want to go more full-throttle ( i stil have those gaps… ) so i get even more crappier at english lol… but honestly i’m more into input than output whether it’s english or japanese with all the fun shows. and it’snot like ‘im an english major (can’t comprehend those people).

but honestly it’s fine if myenglish gets messed up cause fixing is  not that hard.. probably a week or whatever of lots of english i should back to shape and up to any new lingo/phrases/words. I will do it after my 10,000 japanese immersion  or whatever the hell AJATT is.


それからついに ライアゲームシーズン2の最終回をご覧になります!(事情がありまして) 映画は多分夏に見ます!


oh and JIN’s official site is pretty interesting to read.

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