Sharing my love of Japanese TV & issues with Japanese in general

Issues with japanese in general, as demonstrated by my beloved japanese television!!

I totally love this song and it fit in so perfectly with the scnes lol. click the pick to get to the dokkiri vid.

Kansai-ben vs. standard Japanese and how people get pissed when people who don’t speak their dialect try to speak their dialect. well it can’t be helped. I found it so interesting b.c. they mentioned intonation as a big factor and I was like oohs with the audience. poor matsumoto 😦 There’s a PART 2.

The wonders of politeness levels. i hate it when people bitch abt politenes slevels and how they’re so complicated etc.  it’s like well it’s another language and they have their own awesome aspects… just because you don’t understand it yet doesn’t give you the write to bitch about it.

2:05 part.

I don’t think this dokkiri is that interesting so i would say watch the funny part in 2:05 and not the disturbing part with the screaming etc. i actually thought the girl at 2:05 was the dokkiri  lol.

I love jarujaru and well i love this one/theme. they really show you how you how important keigo/tameguchi is. BTW I love RED THEATER/THREE THEATER whatever it’s called.

What Ninjas mean to Japanese people. by that i mean the weird stereotypes that chinese people can do kung fu and japanese people are all ninjas lol.

There’s a bunch of other issues/videos but i don’t have time to go through all my favorites!

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