Of J-drama and shitty fansubs

I think the shittiest I’ve experienced was this episode of propose daisakusen (softsub) by someone who doesn’t know Japanese and this person just kept making up shit.  I mean I don’t mind it as long as there’s a raw available so I can not watch it but alas that is not always the case.  Most of the hardsub Japanese fansubs I’ve seen are bad… some are acceptable-level and others are like for reals? And then… they usually cover up the screen too much. It just seems more nonsensical to hardsub drama than anime because subtitles go better with anime better lol?

Like Orange Days… The translator misunderstands a lot… obviously doesn’t know Japanese… Some of the mistakes are just crazy and are just down-right WTF how?


Um it does mean something. 修羅場! 日本のどこかで修羅場!I mean at least the translator heard it right… just he/she didn’t bother looking it up. There’s lots of crazy mis-hear->mis-translation. But like Japanese people wouldn’t mis-hear like that. People who are learning Japanese/doesn’t know Japanese would mis-hear like that…


She didn’t say explain what it means because he knows what it means because he’s Japanese and he speaks Japanese. Though if she actually did the scene might’ve been more interesting. Like she starts explaining and then he gets all pissed cause she’s treating him like an idiot… etc.

わざわざ。 ことわざ。 w

少なくとも あと 3年は大学院で

The translator heard 少なくとも And went crazy…

どうせろくでもない女。 He didn’t say nothing about the gays.

Expiration date… At least they didn’t cover up the Japanese subs 🙂

So I knew that Ueno Juri starsin this and I was looking forward  to that but it seems like she has a small role. This main actor is mad ugly. Well he’s not ugly but it’s like god I wish they chose someone else.  Is he famous? I don’t know…

I saw the first ep, not sure if I want to continue watching. For now I don’t feel like it. It’s pretty boring minus the mind-boggling translation errors  until “the date”. The background music is iffy with me andusually that’s a telltale sign (lols.. seriously) for me.  All the shows I really like or like have really good BGM.  It feels 90s in a sluggish-draggy-boring way, not the nostalgic-authentic-feel way. Well summer’s almost over so I’m doing best to find shows I like and watch those and hold-off/drop ones that are iffy.


I saw it on a video-streaming site becuse i just wanted to watch the one ep with shida mirai + i don’t think this show is that good (not worth downloading… bc there are shows like BONES that own this) …. i was watching london hearts.. the one about choosing their number one. takeyama cunning said he co-starred with her orsomeone else… i misremembered…. basically i expecte takeyama san to be on an ep of boss with shida mirai for some reason… but he’s not even on that show..so i guess i mis-remembered. (by the way lvoe the on-going joke about how takeyama is an actor first~ geinin second or whatever )


piri piri as “so smart”…. orz

the part with toda erika and shida mirai about with the line about  prime numbers… and using a compass and ruler to make a 17-sided shape … was not translated. they just made shit up and wrote about iron or whatever chemical that has the atomic number 11… yes they mis-understand the number 17 as well. juu ichi. juu shichi. NOT acceptable. why was i able to tell ? well actually if you google… if  you’re google at googlging you can find people transcribing the lines cause someone asked on chiebukuro ooh they talked too fast or they used difficult words and i couldn’t catch all of it.

But ayways I used the korean subs that were translatd to japanese sub with google translate 😀 it’s so lovely and helpful.

On a happy note, amazing Japanese Music I discovered recently.

DLed up on his albums/singles and I guess I’ll see if he has any other good songs. From this, I would guess he does.

I love the voice and I feel something when I listen to it. The problem with most Japanese music for me is that the singer cannot sing. Lol. I don’t know why but most of them cannot sing and it’s like why did you become a singer of all jobs.  Besides just the unplesant singing are the fake(as in I don’t feel anything)/over-singing (J-pop people) and the annoying singing voice (a little different from the cannot sing category).

1 thought on “Of J-drama and shitty fansubs

  1. Linda


    I totally agree with you on the subs issue. I haven’t found any raws of Orange Days though, but I like the drama so I just kept watching it like this. Funny that you mention that expiration date one. I paused there for a minute, surprised that a relatively common phrase could get translated in such a subjective way.

    I respectfully disagree on the background music issue though.. Most of the music featured is classical, so I have nothing to rant about. Also, the main actor is not your typical main actor, brooding, slightly effeminate, and so on.. Maybe they picked him because he already knew sign language? Anyway, it’s a great drama.. Some very insightful lines in there, especially Sae’s.

    On another note, thanks so much for the music rec. Hard to find proper good music in any language, so much appreciated 🙂



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